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{ Exploratory Data Analysis } Evolution of Historical Attributes

This is a first draft attempt at trying to visualise any consistent patterns in the evolution of a DARWIN’s investment attributes.

During initial testing, a most interesting insight is that for a DARWIN where the underlying strategy’s mechanics have remained constant throughout its history, a polar chart animated over that history unveils a “behavioural frontier”:

i.e. A particular set of scores that should ideally remain more or less constant, tend to converge towards the same (in PLF’s case, converging towards Rs, Ra, Os, Cs, with more variation in Mc than the formers but still converging towards a mean value)

Such a visualisation enables backtesting over behavioural data to determine whether a DARWIN’s current scores are the result of convergence over time, or temporary.

I’d love to see this idea expanded by others in the community, please share your ideas and extensions :slight_smile:

Link to tweet below instead of direct image upload - can’t seem to upload the image (perhaps a size constraint…):


This is something I really like to see! :+1:

The behavioural frontier of maturity!


Some visual exploratory research using Quotes & Scores via the DARWIN API.

Exploring the DARWIN dataset, attempting to decipher any relationships between Return/Quote and Attributes that could guide investment decisions.

Based on what you see me doing with the 3D visual, any guesses as to what I could have been looking for? Let’s liven up this thread a bit eh… :nerd: