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External trader tools : D-leverage / VaR

In some webinars of the past, Juan had stated that some external tools could be released to help the traders master the best decisions to nail down some of the money management requirements to achieve a stable risk behavior.

That tool specifically was to be a D-leverage / VaR calculator so that you could check in real-time what those metrics would be when entering/closing/building up-down one or multiple positions on various instruments in parallel.

That would be typically useful… just wondering if it is still planned and when a release can be expected.

It could be fine also if available from the website instead of external app, or as MT4 utility ? Just exist :wink:


HI @NapoleonDynamite!

We are seeking the best way to implement this tool, so it is on a rather early stage now.

As Darwinex is constantly evolving (no pun intended :grin:), we do not want to develop a tool that doesn’t fit future developments (as it could happen with MT4).

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Right, you could develop a translator to import mq4 code into MT5.
I think it would have a big success! :smiley_cat:

Something like this? :grin:

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Already read that article, completely useless.
I mean somenthing that allows the trader to avoid learning mq5…:money_mouth:

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I am weirdo but I do dream of the day MetaQuotes goes down so there is no more argument for the clients to move on from the past
For some reason, I can’t make up my mind to solve the equation : Darwinex + MetaTrader * XYZ = FinTech
One of the component feels wrong :wink: but that’s just me !

Ok, let’s wait :slight_smile: thx for the reassurance that the idea wasn’t dropped out of school !

I think you can find more out there. Usually, whenever a platform marks a disruption in code, some developpers will create such tool. However, it’s true there still can need some work to be done. Sometimes the conversion won’t be complete and you’ll need to arrange the last parts manually. So they can be more understood as helpers rather than full translators.


I know there is a lot of bullshit converters.
Traders need something that work.
If darwinex policy is “traders first” , traders don’t want to deal with mq5.
If I will convert my algos to another language it won’t be mq5.
Trading is also quite complicated without mq5.

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If I will convert my algos to another language it won’t be mq5

I hear you : traders first.
My point is indeed that if MT4 was to go out of business for regulatory reasons mostly, it should be the ideal opportunity for traders to explore better options and change their habits !

Back to the topic. I haven’t traded anything forex for 8 years, only indices. Hence, I am not familiar with the volatility of the various trading pairs. I could make use of such tool to allow to start to trade in good conditions right away, instead of relying on some platform indicators that don’t take into account the Darwinex specificity of leverage measurements.

At the moment, the parade I can call out is to use a strategy demo account a day in advance in order to find out D-leverage and VaR when I trade different sides on multiple pairs. Acceptable trick because the values won’t move every so often, despite not a straight to the point solution to achieve precision.

Any update on the implementation of a forecast VAR tool?


Any update in this tool, please?
I will find it very very useful to have a tool where you could input in advance a number of parameters (i.e the asset/assets you plan to trade, the volume you plan to trade in these assets and the time the position will be open) and the tool could tell you what would be the D-Leverage of the position.
Also i will find it very useful a tool where you can see how far or close is your position from the intervention of the risk manager and hence from reducing the leverage of the Darwin position. Or at least an e-mail alert where you are told that the Risk Manager has intervened. Also will be very useful to have the possibility to see live on the platform when the Risk Manager has intervened.
Best Regards.