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EZN - RafwinSistemas

Yes. The prize was already reduced for that reason. :decepcionado:

Little by little I am increasing.


Now entering a common DD zone.

open possibility of falling a bit more.

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What I really like is your initial drawdown.
THAT proves the consistency and honesty of the trader.
Also my LSC and CVL started on drawdown, while KVL started rollercoasting sideways for 6 months…
When a trader starts bad it means that he is honest and the inception is not manipulated.


If you trade h4 holding trades for 2 weeks it is diffcult to improve it.
On DZQ you have a good MC but duration is 2 days so I suppose that you are trading a lower timeframe.

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In DZQ I made changes at risk management level, they are giving results, the var finally stabilizes to an acceptable level.
I hope to achieve a “D-score” of> 70 in these months
Note RS going up.
I do not throw in the towel and I work hard on improvements.

Although the past is not beautiful, I prefer that it is visible and can see an evolution.

I guess I’ll have to open a thread for this darwin.

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Hello everyone, something more of the EZN strategy

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I have no problem with spanish and I understand you very well :slight_smile:
Unfortunatelly it is not the same for russian or german customers.

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I will work on it in the future. I’m very new on YouTube

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They are already put, in automatic,
@CavaliereVerde can you check it?
and it gives me confirmation

No subtitles at the moment.
This is the reason I prefer written articles to videos.
Viseos are better to explain but articles are better to study and are more compatible with other languages.

BTW thanx for you time and your quality content!
Stuff that can make the difference! :+1:


Yes now there are subtitles.

auto-translate is worse than a drunk translating. makes no sense.

Current Moment

Hi all

I want to bring everyone to the current moment and see it in detail.
compare with a previous DD similar. IN August 2018.

The levels of DD are as follows.

Detail of the graph

The most important.
maintained the level of risk

As always, any question happy to answer.

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Hi @RafwinSistemas , are you increasing the trading frequency on EZN ?
I can see 900 trader on last 1 year and 200 on last month .
Also average duration is going from 9 days to 2 days.

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Yeah that’s right.
There are several reasons.

  1. the entry and exit in new pairs.
    being in DD the new pairs that enter the system, it is quickly added positive entries, protecting the previous one, that increases the frequency, not the risk. also, when reaching a positive differential, they are protected so as not to increase the DD. It also increases the frequency since it increases the closing of more operations
  2. Several pairs are close to their limit. Possible full position closure.
    this means that entries with little weight when entering positive are added and always protecting them fast, which leads to an increase in the frequency of entries.
    can be seen in a Zoom of the last week.
    if you need any more information ask for what you need.
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An example

An operation that can have 3 or 4 entries, happens to have 8, and with partial closures, what darwinex will consider more entries than 8

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@CavaliereVerde I like the de-correlation between our darwins. KVL and EZN. and the two in the same portfolio
One more ingredient of the success recipe

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