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EZN - RafwinSistemas

Large, Very large open operations


After the decline in these two months, today many operations are closed with the reduction of risk involved.
This means that the recovery will also take a few months, between two and four months.
Now touch patience and continue to build strong positions without accumulating risk. and this is only achieved with time, without haste.
If you as an investor need some information, happy to help you.
Really for me a good time to buy for the darwin. Of course, I know the soul of this Darwin.

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For the next week I return to implement the normal frequency in the traders. returning everything to a normal

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I’m thinking about taking a deeper video on the style behind EZN. especially of the GREAT operations.

I really think it’s a good idea,
The question is. Would it change something in the way you look at my my darwin?

Keep the good work @RafwinSistemas, and trade safe :muscle:


Tranquility and patience, I’m still working on the same line to get out of the current situation.

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Is this DD in line with your backtests? Hard to decide if I should leave or not, as I think that you’re a commited trader, but… 30% DD, it hurts…


Hello @NemesisCraze

The DD is a little higher than expected. Also increased by the reduction of equity

it really hurts, especially to me.

For two reasons.

1 For the third party capital invested. The responsibility hurts.
2 I am also an investor in it, with € 10,000

I wish I could tell him to stay, but that decision is finally yours.

I can add technical comments to strengthen your confidence, but it is not my style.
the only thing I know for sure, getting out of this DD is going to take me a few months.

Any questions for what you need, you will be welcome


Why the reduction of equity has increased the DD? I understand that a reduction in trader’s equity can hurt the Rs and VaR for instance, but why would it affect the DD?

I put it with an example.
darwinex instantly calculates equity


if you have 2000 of equity and you lose 40 you lose 2%
you continue operating the same, because of dd your equity drops to 1000, then those 40 become 4%

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One of the reasons why I have proposed to raise equity a lot.
But if I do it now in full DD the recovery would be very complicated

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Reverse effect to the above.
it’s not easy for me to make that decision

I understand now, I understood you incorrectly. I thought that when you said that the DD was increased by the reduction of equity, you meant that you had reduced the Darwin’s equity (withdrawing funds).

So you just meant that the DD is bigger because the relationship between equity and the size of trades changes along time when the equity goes up/down.


Very good to everyone
Because of the current situation, I have decided to close many of the open operations. especially so that the movements are not so great because of the decrease in equity because of the DD.
Start building new operations.
I am aware that the recovery time will be long, but it is the best measure I have been able to take.
Any question would be welcome.
Thank you all.

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are u going to continue with the 500$ equity ? or put a bit more on it, risk will be too high if u continue the way from 500, and we may face risk of ruin?