CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


@DAIICHI congrats Darwinex on the social media Twitter. It’s a joke (un gag en français).

$GAG promising ? Darwinex ! Are you serious ?

1,1/10 on Loss Aversion !!! Yes ! It’s very promising. Pfff poor filters algo.

Thanks for advertising.

I pray for your investors; they’ve been rouled out by your capacity to prettify the reality.

In theorie you’re un champion, in practice far less.


Capacity (the score) is an simple and simplist ESTIMATION. One the real divergence is important for investment. But, thx for your prays. :joy:

I don’t understand your notation of Cp !

Between the “SHOULD be able” and the “ESTIMATED” divergence, how do you score ?

In example, the darwin GAG and $FAX.

For the same period (All, 6M, 3M), the same estimated MAX investment…$GAG diverges negatively as of -0.5pips whereas $FAX diverges as of -1 pips for a better return.

Why $FAX has a poor score < 1/10 Cp ? For me, Capacity is a fake attibute for the strategy which trades only EurUsd on intraday (out of scalping). I am in a hurry to have a million on $FAX to see the true divergence! :grin:

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LOL there are many things that you don’t understand.

I’m not going to loose my time to explain.

Pfff, and why do you read of throught ?

1- @daiichi prays for the divergence of investors on $FAX (see above)
2- $GAG & $FAX have For the same period (All, 6M, 3M), the same estimated MAX investment.

Do you have other important question cavalier ?

LOL I don’t pray for the divergence but for investors money.

Ahhh ! I read of throught to . Pfff, basta

You’re welcome if you have any other question.

Seriously @CavaliereVerde, you have the power of live and death on this community ! Sorry for that @daiichi. :joy:

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@CavaliereVerde i criticize the Promising filter of darwinex not $GAG, the poor, it’s not himself who give this filter.

With a 1,1/10 on Loss Aversion (La), how darwinex ? Pfff their algo are really busy for filter.

Promising & Good scores are faked FOR ME

LA is important but not as important as you think.

BTW a true comparison will be possible when both darwins will reach EX=10 :slight_smile:

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Ok, but here ! it’s $GAG vs $FAX, so you go to discuss elsewhee ! lol

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hehe :slight_smile:

The best criticizers of the filters are the first to advertise that they have reached one on Twitter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great session traders :wink:


If a bad trader with so many darwins closed can earn a filter anybody can do it, isn’t it?

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In the left corner, the promising $GAG, showing 98% profit trades, 90 consecutive trades on the same asset, the King OoOoOf Grid…
versus in the right corner, the on fire $FAX, showing One trade at the same time, at the same risk, the King OoOoOf Loss Aversion.

who will manage his drawdown in time and in-depth ?
who will be with the carpet?

Ring !! :joy:

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I’m wondering why @TheCheetah is not publishing today.

Maybe he’s in vacation.

Oh non he has made an loosing trade.

I would love to see some graphics, they are so cute.

Come on, guys!

Markets are tough enough, let’s try to stick together to beat them :slight_smile:


Loss Aversion is just the risk/reward of trades.

What really matters is loss aversion of the trader.
Whe you are able to tolerate losing trades, losing days, losing weeks and losing months you are much closer to be a profitable trader.