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Feedback on Darwinex' communication

I want to express my opinion on Darwinex’ communication.
I want it to stay as today, with its pros and cons.
I prefer @ignacio telling me the truth , sometimes in a rude way than a “professional communicator” paid to tell to customers what they want to hear.


Thanks a lot for your feedback and support, @CavaliereVerde!

Although I am not in charge of communication, I will do my best to improve the way we communicate :muscle:


In my case @ignacio was always a very helpful and nice guy.
My prefered support-guy at Darwinex :wink:


hi all,
everything is important, can and should be improved, but in my opinion “we” are at a point in darwinex where in my opinion what is important is:

  1. darwinex should and must continue on updates, sooner as possible to platform on traders and investors side.
  2. traders trade to be the most profitable possible ( with less possible risk…);
  3. investors invest in darwins they think are the best;
  4. discuss more then anything else here in community how darwins are managed ( profit, risk, etc…), how are strategies of investors ( portfolios) perform… as principal topics.
    because Darwinex is at a point very interesting, for investors and that should be “promoted” to benefit of all, instead of giving a wrong “idea” in some not most important details…

a) in 6M from now 17% of darwins produce a return above 10%. and 23% in 1Y
b) 6% had a return above 20% in 6M and 11% in 1Y.

this are very good results of darwins ( and significant in number), well above what is expect in m opinion. After all this is what matters! all the rest is just “noise”.


I agree with you studies and I am doing something similar :wink:
but it is not the subject of this discussion.

IMO trading is a business, as investing and as brokerage.
So I prefer a B2B kind of communication where I can speak with developers without any fake kindness .

Darwinex is a retail broker but is becoming something very different than other casinò/brokers managing their population of endless losers.


I don’t want a change in the staff of Darwinex writing here. I mean every single member of the staff and I don’t want to miss one.
I don’t want a change in the communication to a „professional“ way because since about 20 years that means not telling the truth or lying. If that comes up here, I will go and never come back.
I know what I am talking about because I am working as a consultant since 1984 with a break of more than 3 years where I worked as a professional journalist. All the time I had enough of these poor „professional“ lies around me. Currently I am working in my cutting edge with people knowing that truth is a value, even if we have to take bad manners.
There is room for improvements, also here. I am sure Darwinex will use it if they can recognize it. Therefore it’s necessary that both sides, also the users, communicate honestly and kindly if possible. Honesty is worth more than kindness.


I want to revive this discussion to ask more English content from Darwinex.
Quality of Darwinex communication is very good but more quantity is required.

  • More blog artcles in English
  • More official topics here in the blog category

We can discuss independently about trading and investing but we need new raw material about the product and the environment.
Everyone can link content but many things should be posted by Darwinex guys, to be “official”.



I am a passionate of languages :slight_smile:
Suppose Darwinex were a russian broker with russian podcasts every week…




Well noted, @CavaliereVerde, thanks for the feedback.

I can nothing but agree on this one, we are working to amend this.



I noticed that there is a lot of interesting and advanced content on youtube but @DarwinexLabs is completely absent from this community so experienced customers cannot discuss or give feedback about the content.

We dont’ have to forget that this community is also an evolution of uservoice to have feedback from customers.

I also noticed that a survey for trading platforms has been done on Twitter.
Discourse has a very powerful poll/survey tool…


Totally agree, just back it up :+1:


Darwinex still has the best traders community also for 2019