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Feedback on Darwinex' communication

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I would be very interested in these answers.

- ¿Hay algún motivo por el que los empleados que también son traders no deberían beneficiarse?
- ¿Es una contradicción teniendo en cuenta que nuestra bandera es “Meritocracia y Transparencia”?
- ¿Por qué hay tantos clientes entre nuestros empleados?
- ¿Cuentan nuestros empleados con información privilegiada?

Questions are in written spanish and I can easily understand, answers are hidden in the podcast and automatic subtitles are not so useful.
At least a transcription in written spanish would be very welcome.

The article tells that the content is related to BOT ULI and HFD.
I am an investor of BOT and ULI but I have info only about ULI from the interview, almost no info about HFD …

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Dedicated to @CavaliereVerde . I hope you find it informative. :wink:

Long story short…

- ¿Hay algún motivo por el que los empleados que también son traders no deberían beneficiarse?

There is no good reason because the algorithms that diagnose each Darwin treat all strategies anonymously, and do not distinguish between employee or client.

- ¿Es una contradicción teniendo en cuenta que nuestra bandera es “Meritocracia y Transparencia”?

Darwinex could hide the fact that their employees are participating (and sometimes winning) but they are not, so Darwinex is being transparent and simply rewarding those who deserve it.

- ¿Por qué hay tantos clientes entre nuestros empleados?

Because those employees were already clients (who believed in the product and knew the ecosystem) before applying to the selection process to work at darwinex.
Darwinex is fortunate that its employees are fans of the platform and use it frequently. The more people who use the platform within the company, the better ideas will be implemented.

- ¿Cuentan nuestros empleados con información privilegiada?

Managers at Darwinex are well aware that their main asset is the trust of their clients and the most important thing is the security of their clients’ intellectual property.

Juan Colón goes so far as to say that the best way to end the abuse of privileged information in any case is not to prohibit but to force managers and employees to participate at the same level as any user and to do so with radical transparency.

Starting from the fact that Darwinex’s final objective is to attract the best traders and employees and become a transparent partnership where the best win, Juan Colón jokingly comes to the conclusion that the ideal situation for him personally would be for all Darwinia winners to be at the same time Darwinex employees (shareholders).

Other points of interest:

  • Only two people in the company have access to real-time operations and use that access to resolve incidents and help customers.
  • In darwinex there is no one with the power to modify any spread and all of them are fixed from external providers and are the same and unique for all customers.
  • (They are not yet able to manipulate the market. Maybe when they rub shoulders with Goldman Sachs…)

About HFD:

The supplier of the darwin HFD has 3 million euros of capital under management with annual returns of 36% 45% and 45% so far and made 270,000 euros of income a year. He is a 29 year old man that looks like a genius, and lives in a village 240 kms. from Moscow.


Thnks a lot, really appreciated.
I also agree with everything.


It is what I am saying since many months.

Interesting content is on Spanish podcasts while english videos are for quants : API FIX … ZeroMQ

As Italian I can understand Spanish but i have to listen many times, sbtitles are useless, written Spanish would be much better to understand and also for translations.


We have one Spanish podcast per week.

A lot of time ago I asked for an english blog article summerizing those subjets at least once per month.

I hope something like that will come soon.


We’re aware that last week’s podcast episode deserves a translation to English and are working on it.


This is also very interesting and would deserve an english version.

Everything that is about the concept and the evolution of Darwinex is interesting for 100% of customers, traders and investors.


Funny survey. :smiling_imp:

What do you think it is more useful to improve your results and experience on Darwinex?

  • Studying Python
  • Studying Spanish

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Now it is definitive:
To be an investor you need to learn Spanish… :smiley:


This sucks. I appreciate that they said they would work on translations but as long as they don’t it’s like a Darwin promising a blue sky without track record.


Exact, they are keeping with one Spanish podcast per week with almost no interesting content in English.
This is going on since many months.:neutral_face:

When I arrived on Darwinex in 2015 every video was in Spanish and English.


Monitoring the youtube channel for Spanish videos is the best way to stay updated on the Darwinex plans and evolution. :wink:

Queremos que nuestros mejores gestores centralicen su operativa con nosotros.

I remember when @juancolonbo answered me that Darwinex is an exchange and not a hedge fund, it seems he has changed his mind.
BTW I like it, investors are tired to lose money, time to spoon feed them :smiley:

We’re preparing a summary in English of this and will publish it soon.

Spanish radio shows have been going on for more than 3 years, although it’s correct that we started distributing them on YouTube only this year.


@DarwinexLabs just watched the below being discussed on BBC Click. I don’t know how much engagement you want from the community but this tool could help.


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Thanks for the reference @StokesBay! :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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If you browse the forum you will notice a lot of activity from Darwinex team in 2016,17,18 by @JesusDarwinex @NicolasDarwinex and @miguelrDarwinex
Almost nothing in 2019 .
I hope that in 2020 they will be back, active communication with developers makes the difference.

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Ok, so it was not just my impression.
I joined in September 2019 and the number of their posts seemed to be definitely higher at the beginning of this 2020.

Thanks :slight_smile: