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FFV - A Solid Swing Trading System

I’d like to present my darwin FFV to the community.
This is a combination of Automated & Manual trading system.
It has extraordinary risk management policy and very very higher reward gaining ability.

Current score of FFV is 80+.

Long term I expect FFV to be very profitable. Whatever the widening spread, flash crash, execution speed, FFV wouldn’t be affected by its performance.

Here is the system’s backtest performance (2008-2017):
FlexibleFX (Darwin - FFV) 1xRisk
FlexibleFX (Darwin - FFV) 2xRisk

The more you long term plan with FFV, the more you’ll love FFV.
Should an investor want to gain more with FFV, then he/she need a reinvestment plan on the losing streaks.

All the best :blush:


Welcome to the community forum @monira!

Congratulations for your recent DarwinIA allocation, keep up the good work and looking forward to your updates here!


Welcome to the community and congratulations for your last months performance. Great recovery!


Thanks, @bianka. I will try to post my updates regularly.


This Darwin is one of currently only seven with a D-Score > 80. My congratulations!

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Thanks a lot.
Yes. You are right. At this moment it’s only 7 Darwins keeping D-Score > 80.
Now it would be very challenging to keep D-Score 80.

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DarwinIA - Standings (Apr, 2020)
#272 so far. Hopefully, the end of the month could do better.

My darwin FFV got OnFire tag.