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Filter to list stocks based Darwins


Does anyone know any list of Darwins based on Stocks only ?

Such as xxx - US stock market
yyy - Asia market
zzz - European market

Currently no filter allows to search darwins based on their underlying assets. Many thanks folks

Hi @pmemari, I don’t have a list, but QAJ and QSH (to be listed next week) are both Stock portfolios run in a HedgeFund manner with different risk profiles.

You can read more about how my program works here
or visit my website

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Here is a list of all Darwins who ONLY trade US stocks.


That is not a complete list. It is missing IMJ for example. An official Darwinex filter would be beneficial!


Yes exactly. Not a complete list. I took it on the forum (I don’t remember where). Probably there are more Darwins. It is desirable to have a filter for “US stock”.

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Seems there is not any comprehensive list. There are other darwins based on US stocks not listed in that link nor any other list! I found out some only by personal recommendation. This is not good for a real investment unless we have a real filter in order to compare and choose the best one. Darwinex does not seem to have any plan to develop a filter by underlying assets. That’s very sad for people who seek talents for a specific market.

If you know any source, signal or darwin with a long and proven back track in US and Asia market that may be helpful. Thanks again guys

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The Product Team is working on making it easier to find stock DARWINs.

In the meantime, I’ve added QAJ and IMJ to the stock darwin list mentioned by @Sergey5.

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