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Filtering out marti-grids

Correct me if I am wrong but the only way to filter out high-risk matri/grids is mining down through the underlying strategy and noting how many trades are being opened per currency pair - take EMN for example - looks great on your Darwin metrics, until deeper analyses reveals 10+ positions opened per pair at higher leverage - clearly a ‘higher risk’ strategy. Is there a reason why Darwinex doesn’t include such high risk marti grids in the 'investable attributes? You are not the only platform to miss this ‘opportunity’ to be more transparent - it appears to be an industry-wide problem, with rampant marti/grid systems dominating most signal providers…

Hi @marketserpent,

Thanks for your message. A common feature shared by all those marti-grids, as you call them, is a low La and low Rs score.

If you use our filters and make sure to leave out systems with low La and Rs scores, you’ll be filtering out those systems. You can create your own filter here:

Just as an example, this filter displays only DARWINS with Rs and LA scores higher than 4: (of course, you can tailor the filter to your own criteria; the higher the score you define, the lower the chances to come across a marti-grid).

I hope this proves helpful!


Very useful thanks - EMN has an LA of just three which confirms your suggestion…excellent!


I am glad this helped!

Having “just” a bad LA score or a bad Rs score does not necessarily mean we are dealing with a marti-grid, but the combination of both should raise the alarm.

I created a filter with potential MartiGrids (i.e. low La and low Rs scores):

Visually, you can easily spot martingales at a glance through the Trading Journal / Underlying strategy chart.

If the number of open trades and the system’s leverage increase during DD periods --> careful!


Hi all. I am new to Darwinex.

Can anyone recommend what filters to set to find professional traders in terms of low risk compared to good returns but leaving out all kind of martingale accounts? I guess there are many of them here and i am quiet new to all the Darwinex related terms.

Is there a quick way to do this or do i really have to go through each account and check complete trade history for each account?

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This topic has the answers you need about martingales.

About “professional” investable traders I suggest you to concentrate on long trackrecords.

Thanks for your kind reply. I am not looking forward to invest. This question was more of general interest. I trade my self but just recently stumbled up Darwinex. Now I think about opening a trading account with them as my current broker is fine but the opportunity to attract investors capital looks interesting to me. I also have zero experience with social trading platforms at all.

Are there any traders on the platform trading for a living doing constantly larger sums of withdrawals.

Let’s say I decide to put in 100k in such account. Now I manage to achieve a yearly average return or 100% (I know this sounds crazy but just as an example).

Now would there be any problems with getting a payout of 10% of my account balance each month in terms of that Darwinex might reject such regular withdrawals for what ever reason?

And if not are there any example Darwin’s/traders already doing similar practice?

What’s your experience with trading?

Ther are no problems with monthly withdrawals.

Well I am involved in trading for quiet a decade now but just for the last 1,5 years I started with trading a smaller account my self. I trade mainly currencies and sometimes the Dax30. I trade M15 charts during the EU session and target for 1:3 risk/reward trades my current drawdown is about 15%.

Like said it’s just a small account and I would love to increase positions sizes but it’s just lit possible at the moment without increasing risk drastically and I don’t want that.

With a 10% monthly returns a $1000 dollar account grows to $92 709 068.82 in 10 years. That’s 92 million dollars. No body will ever turn $1000 into 92 millions in 10 years trading. No one.

Agreed. Darwinex should create a new note or data named martingale or hoax probability, that collects different measurements to find out how likely the darwin is to be a fraud.

they have, it is called this forum.

people ignore it anyway.


They already exist :

  1. Risk Stability
  2. Loss Aversion

RS < 5 and LA < 3 = certain martingale

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GFA is the one with the most investors capital in this filter, followed by IOS

That’s the point with filters, they can exclude also good trades/investments. Better safe than sorry.
Can you show me a martingale not excluded by the filter?

AUM is not the Grail, Long Term Capital Management had a lot of AUM.

It seems that Risk Stability works better than most investors or or high AUM.