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First time copy trader

Trying to make my first copy trades and I’ve now seen that Darwinex asks me to market or limit buy into a trader? Is this how it works? Seems very strange to me when I just want to copy them and not buy in as if they were a stock - how then can I get out - liquidity problems etc?
Am I just misreading all of this?!
Any help very welcome!
Thanks in advance!

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Here you are called investor, not copier or follower.

Welcome to the community!

If you just want to buy in, use the market order. Stop or limit orders are additional features, as you also can set a take profit or stop loss limit for an open position on a Darwin. Of course you can close a position also without using limits.

As it looks like you are new here, I recommend to try the functions on a demo portfolio first to get familiar with them.

Have fun and success with it!


Thanks - I appreciate the reply. I guess I’m trying to understand the concept as it’s very different from Etoro where you are basically just tracking a trader. Here I have to buy (shares?) in his portfolio? What exactly is the market order for?
Is there a video that explains this as I just want to copy traders not buy shares in them?

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The market order is the same as you can do at etoro: start your investment immediately.

You don’t buy shares (if the trader does not hold shares), you buy his open positions in the size depending on your investment size, the portfolio leverage and the leverage depending on the VaRs.

Maybe you should start here with the first step section

Actually, I found this great interview which is a great way to understand Darwinex!..