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FIU - Forexintradiadarwin

Some people in this forum know me already, however I am going to talk a little bit about me.
I am a happily married 57 years old man who usually think out of the box, originally from Spain, but I have lived in four countries, so I got many battles on my shoulders, some victories, many loses.

In the last years I’ve been suffering hearing loss problems, and that has limited my professional activities, then I found a passion in trading.

I started trading about four years ago, and I have learned many things from there on (some on the books, videos, etc…others the hard way).

I don’t pretend to make a living from this activity. Fortunately I have a good living already. Trading is a passion, and it is a challenge for me. I have been successful in other activities, and I want to be successful in this endeavor too. I have put and I am still putting many hours to learn more. My main goal here is not money (money is always welcome). My goal is personal, I just want to be a successful trader, and then giving investors an opportunity to make some money together.

Other passions: family, traveling, and sports.

Now, a little bit about FIU

Strategy: I used several strategies, all of them based on technical analysis and price action.
Execution: Manual
Timeframe: from 5m to 1h, usually 15m
Entry rule: I use a combination of technical analysis.
Exit rule: I usually (not always) use supports and resistances as references.
Risk management: The most important rule of this darwin is the risk control, however I have an under control range of risk based on the analysis of every trade.
Portfolio: Main Forex pairs.

FIU is intented to be a darwin to attract a maximum of $500.000 (or when the impact of investments makes the darwin not profitable for investors).

I am not greedy with this darwin, I use to close positions with small profits, and stop losses same way. My goal is 15%-20% profit per year, and I don’t expect bigger draw downs than 12%-15%.

You are going to see that I don’t have a steady average trading times per day. It is because I won’t trade to win Darwinia (if it happens…great), it is not my goal. I only trade when I see an opportunity, and some days the market is not friendly for my strategy, then I just seat and watch. Other times it is the opposite, and I trade more often.

However, it will be extremely unusual to have more than two positions opened at same time (most of the time I’ll have one or none).

My average trade will last 2-3 hours, however sometimes if the price is not moving it could last more. I don’t use to leave opened positions during the weekend (while it could happen eventually).

I ALWAYS use stop loss.
I barely average down, and if I do it it is because my analysis tell me to do it, not to make a bigger hole, and will always be under control and my risk management tolerance.

NOTE: the RS attribute can be low because I am a manual trader and I can use a variable risk percentage (every trade can be different) and this behavior change the RS, but it is not because I abuse the risk, on fact that’s the opposite, risk control and money management are my most important objectives trading FIU.

Please, let me know if you have any question.

See you in the forum.


Hi there @Forexintradiadarwin
It is really good to see you trading with Darwinex.

Wish you the best of luck with your Darwin !

Kind regards.


Welcome @Forexintradiadarwin!

Nice to read some background information about you. I hope you’ll be able to achieve your goal of becoming a successful trader.

Good luck!


Cool chill authentic presentation, welcome and good luck


I don’t use to write too much about my darwin FIU, just because I don’t have investors, anyway, I am writing a few words about how I felt about the market in the last weeks.

I saw the same that everybody else saw, the market has been very unstable and very volatile. As a manual trader I could adjust quick my trading to this new environment, and I decided to trade way bigger time frames than I used to (while the volatility is “coming back to normal” I am reducing time frames again).

It is not an easy task, not an easy decision. But, it was that or stop trading for a while.

If I had investors probably my decision would be stop trading, but without them I decided to jump up and trade 4H or even 1D time frames (I usually trade 5M or 15M, ocasionally 1H).

The trading style and strategy has been the same, just applied to the new time frames, what gets me exhausted, because I use to have clear entries but the exits relay on what I am seeing in the graphics. When I trade 5M or 15M the trade average is 2-3 hours, and I use to stay all the time in front of the screen, but those big time frames and the high volatility made me sleep less hours some days…and I hate it, and that’s the reason I like to trade short time frames.

Short time frames match perfectly my personality.

Also, because of the big increase of time frames I had to consider to increase the equity proportionally in order to keep a similar VAR and risk, but for the same reason (not having investors) I finally decided to keep trading with the same equity, assuming I could get a bigger DD and a higher VAR too.

But anyway it was only my risk and considering that the strategy was working good before, I understood it would work good in higher time frames too.

I wasn’t comfortable with the trading situation (too many hours in front of the screen, big movements and false signs that made me rethink some trades, etc…), but I could control it, with one exception. I could be able to make huge profits (in terms of percentage) but the high volatility scared me (not because the money) because I didn’t want to lose control of my trading. I had to be cold minded to make decisions same way I used to do before.

I have a goal with FIU, it is to be consistently profitable along the time, and these conditions challenged my trading. I survived without making crazy things, even though the environment was very unusual.

Yes, I got some scratches (I guess most traders did too), but also I got a thicker skin off this March battle.

Let’s see what is coming from now on…I feel stronger than before.

My short term milestone is to see how FIU will look like after 12 months.

Good trading for everyone!