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FIX API : Trading Client / First Steps

Hello everyone,

I’d like to get some advices / insights from Darwinex community / staff about FIX API.

I’m actively working on FIX protocol and I’m quite surprised by… lack of global related documentation/products (considering protocol history and markets usage).

At these steps of current FIX study, I don’t consider the development of a full framework/solution as it’s quite suggested by general documentation.

For now, I would like to consider the mere use of a FIX trading client (to connect to Darwinex FIX servers).

My ongoing list is the following :

1) Open-source CLI trading client

2) Open-source GUI trading client

3) Commercial CLI/GUI trading client

I would appreciate any suggestions related to these mentioned points.

While I always apply RTFM rule for any protocol/documentation, I really consider that there’s a lack of information/documentation about FIX.

Would like a bit more advice/insights than such basic page :sweat_smile: :

In other words, despite future developments that I’ll consider, I want, for now and ideally, be able to send basic trade orders, via FIX, through CLI commands/scripts (even GUI, but CLI would be preferred).

Thank you, in advance, for your insights.

@EvidenceAlpha : have you got some clues from your FIX searches ?

@miguelrDarwinex @integracore2 @ignacio : tagging you here, for my own records / later notes :slight_smile: .



Thank you for raising these questions on the forum :+1:

We anticipated some months ago that they would eventually surface, so began preparing a tutorial series for the same.

This should get you started in the right direction (I’d recommend watching all the videos in our YouTube FIX API playlist):

FIX protocol documentation as pertains “usage and implementation” is sparsely available online at best.

This is primarily due to its use being prevalent mostly at professional and/or institutional scale.

With our source code and tutorial content, we’re looking to change that so more retail clientele has access to decent education and starter code :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for more content over time :muscle:

p.s. Please bear in mind that implementation is not necessarily difficult, but certainly not easy either.

The video tutorials aim to explain things as best as possible, but Darwinex Staff do not provide specific “implementation” level support apart from creating the actual FIX connectors and associated configuration for you should you require it.


Hello @integracore2,

Thank you very much for these details. I had bookmarked such playlist, but was waiting to dig a bit official documentation before getting into Darwinex playlist :slight_smile: !

OK, it makes sense.

I’m going to continue digging it, while monitoring more suggestions/advices :slight_smile: .

Thank you.

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@SECURIX I have never been interested in a FIX development from scratch, as I’d end it do so little compared to the integration into a fully evolved platform, that is perpetually developped, updated and maintained by a dedicated team.

Honestly, trading itself is where to put efforts and hard enough, that I disbelieve that finding ways to trade should be a consideration for time spent into ongoing efforts. Therefore, I was only ever after ready-made solutions. The FIX API release was an opener. Over time, I’ve contacted devs but never managed for an arrangement


Because they’re my fav, I was badly after SierraChart. It was close to happen but didn’t. Maybe the opportunity is not entirely compromised since there was a surge of demand on their forum recently

That said, I don’t care anymore. Past the initial skepticism, I admit that micro/mini futures do make OTC obsolete (I’m more doubtful about their use at HFaaS …hoping Dwx will prove it wrong! :)). Not only they open up horizons, the platforms’ drought is no more an issue, so I’ve now grown past the thought.

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Thanks @EvidenceAlpha for this interesting feedback :slight_smile: ! Will be interesting to compare later with my findings/searches :slight_smile: !

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Meanwhile :smile: :