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FOU - Ramontxu46

Start: June 2017

This Darwin FOU takes about a year of operation (since March 2017, although its real beginning can be set in June 2017) is being built on classic trading strategies, with contributions from data mining and artificial intelligence to maximize its consistency.

The goal of this Darwin is to achieve an average annual return of 25%, for the standard VAR of 10%. The underlying strategy works with risk values ​​somewhat lower than 10%, so it moves in somewhat lower profitability / risk environments. The leverage is always below 1:20, usually below 1:10.

February '2018

Recently the DARWIN has suffered severe falls due to an error of its own, not to deterioration of the strategies: we are working on another personal project related to the DAX, which at the moment can not create DARWIN but we hope that eventually, and we have suffered a alarming shortage of time that has led to an error related to the opening of positions outside normal hours (specifically, in Asian market), positions that also had long SL / TP protections due to the market characteristics. This has caused two or three relatively out-of-control operations that could have been very profitable to mediate luck, but it has been the other way around: this error has already been corrected, more severe schedules and volatility controls have been incorporated and the wait for the arrival of luck: slight_smile:

We give a more detailed explanation here:

[The-market-difficulty] (

The results of our accounts, real and control are public, audited and we never change them, you can see them here:

[Related FOREX and DAX accounts] (

You can click on the graphics on the linked page and it will take you directly to MyFxBook.

The FOREX strategy portfolio is not yet finished, although the intention is to keep this Darwin operating on the most liquid FOREX pairs (majors) and Gold. The intention is to get to operate the 32 strategies that we have widely validated, that with its Variations (in validation in the control accounts) would allow reaching the figure of almost 60 operating strategies, although at present it consists of 9. Since March 2018 we have considered the most important actions in the DAX account “finished” and we are dedicating only to the FOREX account, so we hope to have the portfolio assembled with at least 75% of the strategies available before two months (currently it is less than 30%)

In the “only DAX” account, they operate up to 25 different strategies, whose variations allow up to 72 ways to approach the market. These validations can be seen in the previous link to the accounts, with the validation account with a performance close to 2000%. The real account derived from it, with much lower B / R ratios, is above 60% yield in 7 months.

All of our accounts are audited on MyFxBook. And they are always the same.

And we will always tell you the truth of what we achieve in the market.

We will update (22-3-2018)


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