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FPO - Forexpress

Darwin FPO:

Strategy: Price action, based on a custom trend following indicator
Trade Execution: Fully automated,100% algorithmic trading
Timeframe: H4
Entry rule: Change of trend or retracements on current trend
Exit rule: Stop loss, break even, traling stop loss and take profit, depending on the instrument
Risk management: 0.5% - 3% per trade in underlying strategy, based on a variable risk algorithm
Traded instruments: EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD

Variable risk algorithm decreases risk after a losing trade and increases it after a profitable one. This protects against consecutive losses and increases performance in smooth periods.

Having traded forex manually for more than 10 years, I’ve spent the last 3-4 of them, trying to create a 100% automated system that will imitate my manual trading as close as possible, producing profitable results with an acceptable risk. My main goal was to base my system on price action and not rely on any form of luck whatsover, avoiding at the same time any kind of dangerous strategies, like martingale, grid or averaging. I was unlucky enough to begin trading with it, at the end of February 2020, just before the market gone into a great turmoil over the coronavirus outbreak. But at the same time, I was fortunate enough to have tested my algorithmic system under the worst possible conditions with solid results. This is a long term investment signal with maximum safety and 100% trustworthy results!

FOREXPRESS® is a 100% automated algorithmic trading system, implementing a trend following multi currency strategy on higher timeframes. It uses virtual and hard stop loss levels, with a variable algorithm for 0.5-3% risk per trade in underlying strategy (maximum 1 order per currency pair at at time). It also features break even and trailing stop loss functions to ensure better profitability.

■ 100% automated, based on a very effective and profitable manual trading system

■ Martingale, grid, averaging or other dangerous techniques are never used

■ Investment diversification, implementing a multi currency strategy

■ Virtual and hard stop loss are always used in every position

■ Opens up to 1 position per currency pair at a time

■ No positions are kept open over the weekend

■ Variable algorithm for 0.5-3% risk per trade

■ Low 1:30 leverage


Welcome @eleanna74,

I will follow your Darwin and see how it goes.

Wish you nice week and nice trading years.


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[Darwin FPO](

Here is the link for the Darwin.

Wish you the best of luck @eleanna74

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Thank you @SkyField!

I’ve already updated my introduction.


Thank you very much @hekenberg!

I wish you all the best with your ventures too.


FPO - Forexpress weekly update

Even though the week had some strong ups and downs, we’ve managed to hold on to our gains from last week, advancing into September nicely. We will continue trading normally next week, with the help of our variable risk algorithm, which helps to avoid large consecutive losses.


Really like your trading journal, it is very similar to my LSC .

The same for me.
You are more short term.
Which is the timeframe? m15 ?

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Hello @CavaliereVerde, I use a trend following strategy in H4 timeframe. I will have a look at your system too. Have a nice weekend!


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