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FSK - Reidar1932

My Darwins have not undergone major changes and in general have always worked.

I tested my EAs and could not find what would work in Darwinex. It was very frustrating for me, since my EAs always worked for other ECN brokers.
On my last Darwins, on which all-in happened, I used dangerous trading techniques as tests and of corse to earn some money for my life.

I admit that it was not quite right of me to conduct tests on Darwins, and not on personal accounts. Now, many may find my Darwins unreliable.

However, you can go into my old threads and see that my advisors are tested using tick data suite v2 (99% test quality) and work on many trading pairs, which on average all brokers bring me 5% per month profit .

At the moment I picked up the parameters I was looking for for Darwinex.
As a rehabilitation, I will resurrect my two Darwin WWT and WWZ (reduce VAR to 10%). In the end, I will have 3 Darwin including the current FSK. My advisors will be equally divided between these three Darwins and will try to maintain a VAR of 10 to 20%.

On this picture EAs on FSK since 08.2018:

Sorry, but I don’t want to keep my branch in the community anymore, since I’m a bit of a believer and it seems to me that if I do this thing and don’t give in to trading, then I start to lose.

I can offer you to create a new thread for my Darwins and lead a discussion there if you want. I will connect occasionally, but the language barrier also limits me in discussions. I mainly use Google translator.


Thanx for the explainations!
Congrats for your impressive results and keep on with good trading!

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Thank you very much @Reidar1932
Like your strategy FSK a lot. You are killing it lately.

Keep it up :+1:


One of the problems with Darwins from a trader’s point of view is that there is no way to test them in private to see how they perform, without making them available for the Darwin Investors to see, and invest in should they so choose.

You can write that it is a test and warn investors not to invest.

Hey love it. Such a good performance. Where are you located?
Why is FSK not in Darwinia this month?
I see you have a big Darwinia allocation. That’s my goal too with BUX
A bit behind you with $170,000 allocated, but I’ll keep working on consistency and timing of trades so I can attract more investors.

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Because of divergence lower than -0.5%.


It will be norm at the out of month. I think.


Looks like he knows what he has been doing, however WWT fail was about one manual trade, not other 1000 automated ones made. Opening position GBPJPY what went + 500% and then it was not closed when market changed direction. Thats fail of a trader, I know what I am talking about, it happened to me multiple times in the past. Once you are in big ++ its way more difficult to stay objective and admit mistake, thats why I switched to algo trading and dont use more leverage than 1:1 per trade when I trade manually. When trader use leverage, it doesnt leverage only position but his emotions as well…
Thats the reason why I am not convinced to believe 100% about testing a technique. It was 1 fail however in trading with big leverage its enough especially when account went directly to 0 balance.
On the other hand, it had to happened to almost everybody, I am not excluded. Important thing is to learn and not repeat same mistake again :slight_smile:

Hopefuly FSK will not end up in similar way like WWT.
Good luck!


I noticed that his strategy before migration and after Oct.2018 are radically different,but I gave him some room to breathe.I sincerely hoped that he did it in good faith and not to circumvent Darwinex algos and Darwinia rules.I hoped that he is really good and that he will control his risks,especially because he handled well his first big,but unsuccessful trade in October,stopping at -3,60%.Than he had series of good big trades mixed with some garbage trading to satisfy algos and investors for regular activity.Unfortunately on 8th of March he showed his true colors as @MinvestAIcapital was suspecting.
-13,60% in single position without Stop-loss order hit all the way down.Where was his SL?
He is handling money of 212 investors and he is trading without Stop-loss?

And AGAIN famous Darwinex Draw-down statistics misleading unsuspecting investors to slaughterhouse:

Yes,according to data on Main page,FSK had 2,04% Draw-down in last 30 days and beautiful Profit of 11,70%.Folks,this guy is Accident waiting to happen.
Here is a picture of his performance in underlying strategy(his private account) in last 1 year:

Yes,that is 4300% profit in one year.This guy is suicidal.In his position on that hairy day he got himself to D-leverage more than 75,but Darwinex algos prevented that replicating on investors money in FSK darwin.


Yes, we have more than 200% on the underlying strategy in a single day on 8 March.
There was a lot of his money at stake and he was very lucky.
This is not disciplined systematic trading.
Luck is more dangerous than bad luck, when you are lucky you are tempted to gamble again.


If your average D-Leverage is 3 a D-Leverage of 75 should be penalyzed with a very low RA score .

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I’m a bit confused :

Making some calculations (taking profit of all these DARWIN examples to better understand Darwinex attributes calculations) and can’t work out how such underlying strategy daily performance translates to a negative -2.1% DARWIN daily performance ?

Is there some factor I’m missing ?


I hope this explains it.He must be really pissed now,that his crazy act didn’t get replicated in full in Darwin.


This was exactly what I supposed but missed your comment while parsing this thread :slight_smile: ! Thanks.

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Actually,his RS Risk Stability score is already in the toilet and that is what really counts for smart investors.
By the way,can you ask good people at Darwinex what happened to March 8th candlestick on FSK chart,negative excursion should be all the way down to 193.Maybe than investors would start thinking?



High AUM and high allocation are a trial of fire for the trader.
Scores are too smoothed and reading the right charts requires experience.
RA is too tolerant with short positions.
RS has a low weight on DScore unfortunatelly.


this made my day!
How many investors do you think are reading this discussion?


That is why I asked you if you can make Darwinex quants fix that Daily candlestick on FSK chart.

Do you think investors look to daily candlesticks? :wink:

Why they dont’ look to trading journal???
There is everything there but they prefer to dream…

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