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Fund allocation rules?

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does anybody has strict rules for fund allocation? for example you have 10K you find 5 good darwins with low latency and good divergence, how do you allocate fund for these 5 darwins: 2K for each? Is it based on volatility or smth else?


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I’d allocate equal weighted, 2k each in your example. That’s (I think) the better way to avoid unknown problems.

In the past I thought about allocating more to “better” darwins, but probably that’s not as robust as equal weighted.

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I think equal rated is not good, because some darwins doing many trades per day, but some do just 1 or 2 per week. So those who doing many trades per day is much more risky and it can gain you more, but it also gain more loses, I think it should be much less allocated on these darwin from total balance

Sometimes it will be more risky, sometimes don’t. I think everything depends on risk management. An extreme example just for the explanation would be: one darwin that makes 1 trade per week, but risking the 50% of the capital, is much risky that a darwin doing 100 trades per week, risking 0.1% of the capital in each trade.


I don’t know whether you have read this:

For my demo portfolio I use the optimization service introduced here:

It is not necessary to understand how its allocation works in detail if you want to use it.
Of course I don’t have any reliable data after one week whether it helps to be (more) profitable.


Before we allocating fund, we already have default criterias, such as var not more than 10percent, trading about 2 years, standard deviation, dd, top score darwins and others.

I am already playing with demo before go to real, but another interesting key is to know darwin plans: what is him perpective, what is him plan for comming weeks or so, will he risk more or less, will he do more trades or less - this is key info for future, because all these criterias based on past not on future and we always projecting our financial future not a past

In a future before going to invest big I even ready to meet darwin in real

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Ok, thank you. I use my own allocating based on deviation, but it looks uncertainty.

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I cant log in to it, email address is clear, but what passwords is ZXW,MMQ,FMX,NNI,NTR,OVL,ATL,DWC ?

That list with commas as seperators is not the password, that is an example for the list of your Darwins.

The password is written in the login instruction (3.) at the end of the link to the Portfolio Optimization Service above.