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Futures in Darwinex

Some updates by @juancolonbo :


“Oh captain, my captain” :crossed_fingers:

Wishing the english version will follow (the YT auto-translation is poor and requires you to focus on the screen, I prefer audio to keep busy elsewhere)


TL:DR(L)? Someone pls? I don’t understand spanish :frowning:

I don’t understand what you say :joy: is that morse code ? R2D2 language ?

Can anyone summarize what was said about futures’ integration plz ?

I’ll do it this week-end unless some kind Darwinex staff does it before :slight_smile:


Here is the summary of @juancolonbo interview , translated :

  • Despite being a long-awaited feature, it isn’t yet available due to difficulties

  • He presented a roadmap history to understand what’s going on

  • First, he reminded the Futures advantages : clearing house, market depth, available instruments, etc.

  • Then, he talked about the main difficulties that are delaying its implementation for DARWINs :

    • Fees (static fees, realtime data, etc.) : too heavy for accounts < 500K.
    • No continuous quotes as Forex : technical consequences
    • Big contracts sizes : 10K accounts can’t consider Futures trading.
  • They already progressed in some points, that will be the base for later futures implementation. As an example : some solutions that were developed for DAX DARWINs implementation (lack of overnight quotes) will serve for later Futures DARWINs. The same applies to solutions that allow soon stocks DARWINs.

  • They need to improve Risk Manager for Futures.

  • The financial matters are being considered / studied :

    • Traders need accounts superior to the classic 10K (he talked about >100K).
    • Minimum investment of 200€ for investors can’t be maintained for futures.
    • They are considering “Liquidity periods” : periods to allow entries / exits of investments (perhaps my translation isn’t perfect on this matter).
  • They need to solve/improve the current replica model : currently, trader sends his trade at one price, investors orders are executed after, despite quite at the same time but price can differ. So they are trying to develop a solution in order traders and investors orders are executed “in one shot”.

  • The current / traditional back-office platforms are prehistoric . So they are developing, thanks to a risk management back-office, a new platform “that will please to Darwinex members”. This will allow, by the way, the expansion / connection with independent trading platforms.

  • Considering to allow Non-European customers for Futures

  • Next step : Starting May 2019 :

  • Replica model upgrade
  • Capacity management upgrade
  • Futures implementation should be near
  • Considering a Terminal for Investments Managements : should allow the DARWIN provider to consider its orders (splitted, etc.).
  • All of these improvements should allow to “erase” divergence
  • Darwinex want to open the doors to institutional investors.
  • They want to develop and improve current Darwinex platform in order that the best traders can really use their talent to manage capitals as 20/30M€, that are impossible to manage with current tools/platform.
  • Instead of querying external funds, Darwinex would like to grow organically : more traders with more investors.

In order that Darwinex community understands that all Darwinex actions are made in order Darwinex and its customers benefit from it, @juancolonbo concluded with :

"Sera un win-win o no sera"

That could translate to : "Make it or break it"


Thanks for the summary. Looking forward for this development

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Basic exchanges I’d like to see covered as a starter :

  • ICE (U.S. + Europe)
    They include some of the highest liquidity available contracts and such coverage indirectly implies extending the usage outside european customers.
    Don’t really care about the rest (like more national european exchanges). Some asian grounded instruments, libelled in USD, are accessible from the CME, so global coverage extension could wait a bit.

trying to develop a solution in order traders and investors orders are executed “in one shot”.

I’ve seen that block trading before. That’s the way to go.

Traders need accounts superior to the classic 10K (he talked about >100K).

Given the notional values range around $125-150k (most USD based ones) to 250-300k €, w/ some exceptions nearing the 30k mark (like the FESX Eurostoxx which has amazing absoprtion capacity), it really depends how you play it afterwards. If trading in a pure way, a single position at a time, an account size of 25k to 50k could be fine in the zone of 2 to 5 leverage. In case of more complex trading, layering positions, diversifying, 100k could be low ! more like 500k+. Likely interested traders will need to adapt.
As palliative care, has Darwinex considered a semi-virtual model ? Like demo trading to cover every strategies imagineable, but asking for extra fees so that the trader has some meat in the game nonetheless. C2 has a subscription model but maybe something new could be invented… then again, it would lead to obvious pros versus cons

Regarding commissions handling, nowadays you’ve got several models :

  • volume based (degressive), often available either clearly from scratch or on request (indirect negociation)
  • subscription based (fixed periodic cost plan then unlimited volume), rare but sometimes very appealing!
  • Darwinex could introduce the “performance” quality model…

As extra servicing, I wish the Darwinex support will later consider to help (guidelines of the process) traders to apply for exchanges’ individual membership(s). For some volume traders, the edge at lowering fees acquired can be tremendous.

Outside the scope, thinking about Darwinex’s health too :slight_smile: Under the appropriate licences, if acting on behalf of your “gemini crowd”, you should be in the position of elligibility for “member firm” memberships to rely on for more structural profits

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Small thing

Usually you can ask the trading desk to set trading limits to your account, like lower the tradeable quantity on a given instrument (sometimes they even ask which instrument you’re gonna trade and block all others).
Max daily loss, not leading to auto-liquidation, but preventing new positions to be opened is also commonly offered
These directions are done manually so you can’t abuse and change your opinion each and every morning!

That said, there are now brokers offering an self-service interface of risk management, where you can set :

The money sizings involved need closer monitoring than CFD-FX

I wish that Darwinex could also offer those kind of restrictions from the web interface for the users to control on their own

This may be a great development for the accessibility of futures at Darwinex (wondering)


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