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GDAXI available?

Why is GDAXI not available on MT4 live account but only on demo account?


This is so because live accounts who trade DAX cannot list a DARWIN yet. If you reach out to, my colleagues at the support team will manually enable the DAX for you but they will prevent you of the fact that DAX DARWINS are not available at the moment.

This is mainly due to different opening hours, right now we can’t guarantee that DAX trades get replicated for investors under optimal conditions…

That being said, please note that there is a dedicated support team at and through our in-site support system. For specific questions, we’d appreciate if you could please contact our support team.

Thank you!


If I got you right, it is not available for an existing Darwin. Then I don‘t need it currently. Thx for your answer.


Thanks for your reply.

That’s correct, if you have an existing account with a DARWIN attached to it, the only way you could trade DAX on a live account would be creating a new account for the purpose of trading DAX.

I hope this proves helpful!



Is there an idea at Darwinex to make it tradable on Darwins in the near future?

Like when new ESMA rules are effective?

Hi @Journalist,

Thanks for your message. DAX is already tradable on Darwinex live account, but DAX-DARWINS are not available yet.

Offering DAX-DARWINS is not related to ESMA rules, I am afraid, it is a technical matter on how risk is managed in the case of DAX-DARWINS.

Trust me, we are working on it!

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Thanks for the answer. ESMA was just taken as an idea for a possible timeline - and a higher margin for more safety for the brokers.

I know that risk management can’t be easy to offer it in a Darwin if I look on the opening gaps of GDAXI in the last 2 days.

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Thanks a lot, @Journalist!

We are the first ones interested in launching DAX-DARWINS asap, believe me :slight_smile:

We will keep you duly posted!


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