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GFA - Relton Capital - meshulro

Good afternoon everyone,

We would like to present my DARWIN GFA -

1. Over 1 million $ investors equity
2. 2+ years production experience
3. 50%+ return

We are very proud of our product and looking forward to see you as one of our investors:


Congrats and welcome to our community!

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I do not like to enter into these types of comments, but with 1Millon I am forced
This combination of data I do not like

Also mention that an evolution is appreciated.
If the path of evolution is true, my congratulations


You do not like to enter into these types of arguments, but you still do…

Anyway, if you had used 1% of the time/energy you spent on bashing my strategy to read the comment you highlighted in blue to the fullest, you would have seen that I stated clearly that the Period until Feb 2018 was beta testing, thus the results are part of the algorithm optimisation and calibration and should not be taken seriously during that time.

As for your last comment

Also mention that an evolution is appreciated.
If the path of evolution is true, my congratulations

I have no idea what you meant, perhaps you want to rephrase the wording a bit.

Welcome Meshulro,
I dont think there is a reason to use offensive type of writing. I understand that we as traders are sensitive when it comes to our strategies and trading accounts however RalfwinSistemas just showed discrepancies between what is stated in your profile and underlying strategy. Truth is that DD is not minimal at all and I dont think that calibration of systems makes losses 96% in one month. Most probably it was traders mistake, I am algotrader and this happened to me as well couple of times but I can tell that was not calibration of my system, it was my fault and I failed. Your stategy looks martingalish however you already have a nice start and investors what they believe in you.
Here in Darwinex community most of traders/investors have critical thinking and if we see account what was almost erased in one month, its normal that it raises questions. And if you want to have more investors here you need to be prepared asnwer questions what you might not like. As you may know there is a lot of scammers in this industry so dont take it personal, nobody should…

Wish you a good luck.


This is not a place to offend neither to feel offended.
If a trader has doubts on a strategy provided by another trader it is an opportunity to explain the strange stuff.

This community is much better than other sites where traders just advertise and investors just complain.


Let’s start from scratch. :slight_smile:
Congrats for the million!
I browsed your website but I havent’ found explainations about your strategy and its evolution.
From Trading Journal I can see that you were executing your strategy on 7 assets with high leverage before Febrary 2018 and this wiped the account.
After that you are running the strategy only on EURUSD and on 2019 you reduced the leverage.
The first picture posted by @RafwinSistemas has the 3M timeframe so it has nothing to do with the betatest.
We can notice an increase in leverage an number of trades during DD but from the high Loss Aversion score I suppose you are scaling into winning positions so I dont’ think it is a martingale.


Exactly. When I started, I tried running the algorithm on portfolio of currencies, but the correlation between them caused my account to blow up completely. But this is part of the learning curve so in a way I was “happy” that it occurred. Since then, I am only trading EURUSD and using the market volatility as a confirmation signal before making a trade.

Also here you’re absolutely right. I am not using martingale at all, it’s a matter of time until an account will blow up when you’re using this method of closing losing positions. Still, I am holding on to losing positions until my algorithm tells me that the trend is over.

Those who invested in my algorithm when it was commercially ready, made over 50%, and those with the 1:4 leverage made 200%+… a good friend of mine financed his wedding :tada:

So I am happy to take any question / critic about my algorithm, but I would appreciate if it’s a fair one and not like “it’s bad” bla bla.

Good luck to everyone and happy trading!


Performance update April 2019:
Monthly return - 3.72%
YTD return - 13.09%
Investors - 27
Investment - $ 1,041,435
Trading Competition Awards - 130,000.00 €

For investors -


Monthly performance update:
May return - 1.77%
YTD return - 15.09%
Investors - 31
Investment - $ 1,401,803
Trading Competition Awards - 130,000.00 €

Product -

Updates -


Congratulations for your new milestone ($2M+) :sunglasses: !


Congratulations to reaching nearly $6M in AUM :scream::scream:


And well done on the nice drawdown recovery this month! Almost back to all time high, good job!


Thank you very much! :grinning:

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Congratulations Relton Capital for managing highest capital on darwinex (almost $6M)! Would you share how do you get potential investors? :blush: