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GFJ - jasd

Hello, greetings to the community, I wanted to present the DARWIN GFJ, a strategy that began in 2018 and is a dual strategy, in which the commercial algorithm is combined with the commercial manual, based on the latter in supply and demand levels , along with technical analysis to execute market entries.
You can enter the darwin to see its evolution and I invite you to operate it. Greetings.

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English please…

THANX :wink:


A new Spanish course for us

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Maybe not now at all time highs… :smile_cat:
By the way nice recovery keep on!


Hi, I wanted to share with you the excellent evolution that DARWIN GFJ has had, I have got investors and I am classified in Darwinia. thanks.


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It’s a pity that the number of simultaneous trades is not shown, I assume, the trades are suppressed.

A La score of 1.4 needs explanation, in your case the graph is not sufficient (for me). Do you want to try it?


hello, what do you need to know about my strategy

A low La attribute is a significant hint for grid or martingale strategies.

Your falling VaR does not confirm that. But a typical high DD - typical for grid and martingale strategies - did not happen since your migration. Your extrem profitable first trade could not be repeated- that looks like account farming - or being lucky to start in a special situation.

What happened there?

What‘s your loss tolerance per trade?

What happened with your worst trades?

Is your strategy cascading or averaging down?


Hello, I wanted to share with you my first Darwinian assignment, the Darwin GFJ has been ranked number 38, with an allocation of 50,000 euros. thanksIMG_20191202_160231

Hi buddy, i think im one of your newest and in fact largest investors with a £10,000 investment in your darwin, i have also tagged you in my portfolio post, anyway keep up the great work!

ok, thanks for your trust and we will get that capital out of performance, thanks

Yeah, keep hitting 5% and above avg monthly return and more funds will be heading your way.

Ok, let’s work on it so that you are happy with the return on your capital, thanks for your confidence.


Solid day today buddy.

Keep up the good work.

Good Job JASD!

Let me know if you need a good recommendation for a Screen Capture software :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, thanks i will keep that in mind for next time

Hello friends, I leave the evolution of Darwin GFJ and I hope you like it. Greetings.:wink::wink:


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Please use your main topic for updates. Thanx.

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This is a martingale. Every person who invests in this Darwin will lose his money sooner or later.

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sorry friend, but this no is true, my strategy is not martingale, combines a dual strategy with a very good performance, anyway you can not comment without knowing, or even ask what kind of strategy it is. Greetings