CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Give providers a way to autonomously activate/deactivate their DARWIN for investing

I have a suggestion that should not take much time to implement.

There is the small window on Darwin page that shows AUM and # of Investors. Let’s make this small window into semaphore.
Green - ready to invest.
Orange - on break/holiday.
Red - NOT ready to invest or inactive.

Darwin provider would be able to choose one of these options to alert investors. Also Darwinex would be able to mark some inactive Darwins red after certain period of time. After certain period of time the Darwin would be activated and ready to invest again after new trade is placed.

There are many Darwin providers who are in testing mode and do not want any investments yet, so for them it would be really beneficial too.

It doesn’t have to be in a form of a semaphore. Someone else may come up with better option.

But I think that this is way overdue.


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BTW it is already possible to to write the “condition” of the darwin in the description.

Thanks for reminding me about those two threads. As you can see first one is planned and the other thread is dead. So none of those things are available yet. Let’s see what will be available after Darwinex Reloaded.

As I said writing something in description is not much of a help. Maybe you would see why I am saying that if you knew more about human psychology.
In order to protect investors you have to disable the Darwin upfront. And then unable it once the Darwin is ready for investing. You can’t offer it as a choice or leave it up to the investor to look for clues whether the Darwin is available for investing. This is based on how the human brain works and human behavior.

Ask any of the Top10 Darwins by AUM to write in the description that their Darwins are not available for investing in the meantime because they are going to change the way they trade. And people will invest in them anyway. Why? Simple answer is: human behavior and conditioning is to blame. So there is science and research behind this.

It’s not just about whether certain service is offered. More important is how it is structured.

Darwinex needs to make an effort to learn these things in order to be able to offer high quality service and avoid mistakes that people will make.

If anyone is interested then read this book. It may help you to understand your behavior not just around money.

Ok, but if as a provider I can turn off my darwin it would be the same as giving investment advice.
I could put a green light when I am in DD and a red light when I am on highs.

Only darwinex can close a darwin to investment, because darwins belong to darwinex.

As a provider I can revome the darwin but it is definitive and I agree because this is not a game, it is a business.
If I am a mature trader and my darwin is a test I write it, the same if the strategy is suspended or I am on holiday.

Darwinex has a lot of work to do to improve the algos, maturity has to be improved by traders and investors.
A couple of minutes to write two lines and 30 seconds to read them.


This is indeed a most interesting topic :slight_smile:

@Livenemaxx raises some very important points here indeed.

I agree with @CavaliereVerde that a Darwin provider disabling/enabling a Darwin would indirectly, but definitely, constitute investment advice.

Darwinex as the Exchange cannot intervene in the purchase or sale of Darwins, much like a Stock Exchange doesn’t (unless there’s an extreme event or liquidity discrepancies that trigger such an action).

But to address @Livenemaxx’s concerns, perhaps if we come up with some suggestions on the “Eligibility Criteria” of a strategy to produce a Darwin, then there may be a solution somewhere.

The party to inevitably enable or disable a strategy is the trader, which would reflect in the Darwin; flat line when disabled - and when active, quote increase/decrease when Darwinex executes the strategy’s trades with its own risk management, in the Darwin.

As it would constitute investment advice - unless a trader is a regulated asset manager, he/she shouldn’t be able to specify when and when not (red light / green light) the Darwin is available for investment - he/she should simply disable the underlying EA if automated, or stop trading on the account.

I like @Livenemaxx’s concept of the traffic light very much - but I think it would look really great on the strategy page as a red or green light indicating the strategy qualifies or doesn’t yet qualify to be “Darwinized” so to speak.


Another angle here could be - should every investor be allowed to purchase Darwins or should there be a stricter Investor eligibility criteria too?

Loads of food for thought :slight_smile:

All of the above based on my understanding of what’s been said so far of course :thumbsup:


It was so before december 2015, I was allowed to run my darwin but not to buy it! :smiley:
That was a very wise behaviour from Darwinex, very appreciated from my side.

I like this discussion.
I didn’t think about the legal aspects of Darwin provider being able to able/disable investing in his/her Darwin. This would be question for Darwinex to clarify what Darwin providers are able to do.
What if Darwinex would be the one pausing Darwins for investing based on provider’s request? Let’s say that there would be a button that would show whether your strategy is active or in a test mode. You could let Darwinex know and it would be up to Darwinex to able/disable the Darwin for investing. I am not a lawyer so I do not understand the legal aspect of it. But maybe Darwinex could find a way how to implement it legally.

Or maybe someone else has some better idea how to implement it. What would be the better way to be able to release Darwin and not make it available for investing until trader thinks his trading is consistent enough and he is confident for people to invest? Let’s assume this scenario. What could be the solution?

I like this. Should there be some type of questionnaire that every investor should complete before he/she becomes eligible for investing?

Does that mean that you were happy not being able to invest in your own Darwin?

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I was happy that investing was limited to an elite of testers, with some months of experience in demo investing.
And I was happy that Darwinex was preventing noobs to burn their money.
When I first deposited, there was also a questionnaire about my experience and wealth status.
I like the idea taht before investing you need to study, we don’t need casual investors, we need profitable investors.

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You keep repeating yourself. Your suggestion makes sense to me too. It should be simple to read description and then make decisions accordingly. But you’re pointing the easy solution. But easy things that look like common sense are not always the best solution to achieve the goal. You need to try to understand how majority thinks and behaves. What seems to be very clear solution for you may be disaster for majority.
It seems you overlooked what I wrote about human psychology and behavior.

Repetita juvant. :smiley:

The majority lose with markets…
If you ignore the available infos you will learn in the hard way.
Humans are designed to lose with markets.
Before investing you have to gather all the available info, that is the first point.

I DO like your idea! :+1:
But I would like that both traders and investors started to use the current means of comunication:

1. Bio
2. Strategy description
3. Community topic

Unfortunatelly the majority is too lazy to do that… :smiley:


You are right, but here you can find a smart solution by our friend @TheMarketBank

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I would like that too. But reality is that it will NOT happen if you present it as an option!!! It is due to human behavior. Now I am repeating myself :wink:

I agree that people should use available forms of communication to provide more information of investors. But they will not do so.

This is up to people.[quote=“CavaliereVerde, post:16, topic:1255”]

  1. Bio
  2. Strategy description

These two are the ones that should be mandatory. For example, you would have to type at least 150 characters in both in order to be allowed to release your Darwin.

Why if you want to open account with Facebook or other service providers they ask you to provide mandatory information before they allow you to complete the registration process? Because they know that if they asked only for username and password, they would never managed to get any other information from people. It’s easier to ask for it upfront. they understand human behavior :wink:

As I said before, you need to understand human behavior in order to make sure that you structure your service in a way that you will eventually achieve desired outcome.

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Now this is a great idea :slight_smile:


200% agree, if it were up to me basic info should be MANDATORY


There are these other 3 suggestions “planned”

Model DARWINs out of linked accounts and backtests

Create a private link for invisible strategies

Warn investors in advance about holidays / inactive DARWINs


Why are you removing these comments?
You are doing it also on other topics and I dont’ understand the sense…
This was an interesting subject and an interesting convesation, now even my comments lose sense because they were answers to yours… :neutral_face:

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