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GMB - GreB !Warning, this is not the Grail. I couldn't find it and gave up!

Hello to all investors
Due to the surprise appearance of the first investor, I decided to present my system.
Manual system, mandatory stop loss / I use an application for manual placement of pending orders /. Latest innovations from the end of February 2020.
RISK of 1.5% - 3% real , this means for you investors at the current risk Darwin is 22% and for you investors will be 1/5 of the real, is from 0.3% - 0.6%.
I trade 4 Forex instruments.
For me, I’m ashamed to say it, but I have a huge / mostly negative / experience for many years.
If there are questions and I can answer, please!


Hello, the month is over and I’m on some plus official + 3%, real + 16%. Yes, this time I qualified for Darwinia and what? Under the new rules / 15% of profit and 6.5% VAR /, I will not receive not only peanuts, but peanut peels! With a calculated VAR of 21% versus 6.5% target, completely invented, the ratio should be 3/1 according to a simple cheap calculator, but not according to abra-cadabra - Darwin, he determines 5/1. And we get from 100% profit divided by 15% ratio 6.66% / Interesting /, we get approximately 30/1 compared to my real account. So at the moment it is 1000 and only to be equal I need 30,000 investments!
This does not sound very optimistic to me. For me, Darwin is just an ordinary broker, not an opportunity.