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GOB - Muiris

Hi I would like to introduce my Darwin while in its infancy . GOB

some bullet points for those who don’t have time to read.

Long term low leverage strategy
Discretionary manual trader. All trade decisions based off 1-2-3 structures

5yrs experience Trading Fx

Pair traded



My strategy
My view on the markets is to give it plenty of room to build out structures and ape rape short term traders before making its moves. There is never a reason to panic in a market, I do not stop out or enter trades rashly because price crosses a line or breaks resistance or stop raids. All my trading decisions to enter/exit are based on developing structure.
I have a very simple and robust strategy that will come out on top over the long run. I do not get “stuck in the weeds” worried about day to day or week to week fluctuations. A years worth of trading is what counts to me and over the course of the year I will come out on top.
I will always be in the market on multiple pairs. It is possible occasionally to take a 4% loss on a pair, this is built in to strategy and part of the game.
My strategy is robust. Due to low leverage I can absorb major unexpected events like flash crashes without blowing up account. With the higher time frames longer term view I am less susceptible to short term changes in market conditions and volatility.

My strategy will be able to trade with large capacity.

I have been trading full time for 5yrs, in my early days I was taught a long term mechanical strategy, but I wanted to know more about the market so I got sucked into shorter term trading and spent 4yrs trading like this. I do not regret this and have learned an awful lot observing markets up close and testing out all manner of strategies and learning how a market moves. But I found consistency over long term difficult to achieve with this.

I have spent 1yr everyday trading with a mentor who has 25yrs experience showing his style of trading and I have completely transitioned to longer term mindset, simple due to it working. It has hands down beaten every short term strategy I tried, so I binned all of them. Trading is more art than science for me, and combined with 5yrs watching markets daily and confidence to trade longer term instilled by mentor I now have what is called an edge.

My initial goal with my DARWIN is to get my underlying strategy trading at 10% VAR currently my VAR is a little high.
Would be keen to hear from investors which particular scores they are most interested in , in a Darwin. I presume most people look for steady 45 degree upward equity curve, but I am sure more experienced traders/investors look at other attributes. Thank you and glad to be part of the community


Hi @Muiris
Welcome to Community, and thank you for this introduction!

It’s great to have such detailed descriptions at the early stages, so we can keep track of your rigor over time :wink:

Best wishes to you and your DARWIN GOB !


71 trading days
66 trades
1.32 D periods
54 average D period

1.1 experience.

This could take awhile zzzzzzzzzzz lol


So after 7 months with Darwinex, my Var is around 10% so underlying strat should be more or less similar to Darwin.

Initially when I first started here, I started to trade more shorter term trades just to build experience level as i wanted to target Darwinia prize money. Anyway the extra trades didn’t build much experience. So I decided to to just revert to my normal slow trading.

In hindsight probably 1400 would be better start amount than 700, just in terms of better managing the equity curve. This should change as account grows above 1000. I do not like my equity curve, too erratic for my liking.

So going forward my goals will be to gain an average of 2% per month target with low draw-down from all time highs .no more than 5% draw-down from high water mark. (the drawdown target probably won’t be achieved till account above 1200, but i don’t envisage any investors for another year anyhow, due to slow experience gain). Investors like to keep their money! and really don’t like to see a gain disappear. And I agree with them.

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Received my first On Fire filter and finally hit D-score 20

Very pleased with this. Patience pays

2019 is going to be a good year


Hi Muiris,

Interesting strategy.
Wish you a very Good luck with your Darwin!

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Now is the time to INVEST in GOB.

Hold for 1 year, Make 20%

know there will be very little Draw-down. steady and safe. Piece of mind


You are on my Long Term watch list. Hope it continues to go well for you. :slight_smile: And thanks for your posting here.

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Thank you Seastar3

with a few thousand Darwins, I just need to make a little noise :wink:


I was asked to put up an Avatar

so I chose A GIANT needle in the haystack,

so you won’t have any problem viewing it now :wink:


GOB received its first investor today for £250, said investor left today as well :joy::joy::joy:

easy come easy go lol

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You definitelly seem to be the needle… :slight_smile:

In your description you wrote that you have been trading full time for 5 years.
What’s your main job and your education?

I naively quit my engineering job to pursue this full time 5 yrs ago with dreams in my head like all other traders :wink:

I live off my savings. This is my sole occupation so to speak. Although i will look for a job if no traction occurs in the next 6 months


Yes unfortunatelly it is avery longterm project, I am forced to keep my chemist job. :smile_cat:
Only scammers make money quick selling their past luck to crowds of subscribers.


Yeah, agreed.

10 yr plan is most realistic.

A job can be a good distraction though. making money is slow process


What do you think good technical skills help in trading?

because I am also an engineer but in trading there is no “Fundamental laws” like in physics that market will always follow instead it is very turbulent and uncertain. Sometimes this makes it very difficult for me to adjust trading psychology as a trader… what’s your experience?

@Muiris @CavaliereVerde

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The most difficult thing for Engineers to get used to is UNCERTAINTY. It has taken me years to submit to time and uncertainty

Most spend time doing back-tests to give the “comfort” of certainty. It doesn’t exist

I never know what is going to happen and I am comfortable with that. Composure only comes with experience.


This is probably one of the best forum posts I have seen in 2 years or more… concisely stated, screams of experience behind the words :slight_smile: :clap:

Thank you for your contributions to the community @Muiris.


I think 99% of us here are scientists or engineers.
It is impossible to acheive something without a high degree of scientifical education.


Update on GOB

Var is now returning to close to 10% again

Can see from Feb Var began to fall down to 4-5 around May. during May, I added £600 to account, this further sent Var down to 2 and subsequently the volatility of the Darwin increased. The fall in Var is related to less trading in this lower volatility environment . in future in order to keep Var within a reasonable range, I will add more trades as needed.

In order to increase the Var again and protect the equity curve from excessive volatility , I introduced more active trade manangement to restore some stability. The added benifit of more active trading led to an acceleration in Experience

I will continue with more active trading to remove the experience penalty and be more competitive for Darwinia prize money, especially since Darwinex increased the funds to allow even more traders to get funding. Greatly appreciated.

The volalitiy of the Darwin will now be similar to underlying account

Hopefully Sept to Dec will see better moves in Forex