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GVQ - - Gerson3366

Greetings to the whole Darwinex community. My name is Gerson Anaya. I am a system engineer born in Colombia. Excuse my English a little.

Dedicated to the forex market since 2015 and working in real accounts since 2017, I am a manual trader and operates a 70% fundamental 30% technical analysis.

Today, I want to publish what concerns the status of my two darwins, GVQ and DXF

I edit: I summarize my strategy with these words. Manual trading, quantitative mathematical analysis.

DXF was a darwin created to optimize and create the main strategy (which is being used in GVQ) was a test account that started with 150 USD and in two years reached its lowest number of 68usd, account clearly created to strengthen the brain and overcome psychological fear, a question that I have already achieved, the Dc of my darwins. A little more than 100 USD was recently added and the objective is to recover the account, hopefully, to get a darwinia. Therefore this darwin will not be eliminated and I hope to take it to green numbers, the strategy used is similar to GVQ, only two weekly positions are opened.

Time frame: week, days
VAR: 0.01 batches every 600USD
Operated pairs: Couple Majors
Strategy: Fundamental 70%, Technical 30%
Type of operation: Manual.
Check-in time: Tokyo Market Opening.
Closing time: End of London market.

Greetings and I hope to publish quite often


Good start to the week to everyone.

This is the report of the previous week:

GVQ: The beginning was somewhat quiet, however at the end of the week the numbers favored us and we returned to have the month again with positive value, I hope that this week GVQ ends with a month more in Profit.

DXF: It continues adding, however, because I do not have the money to capitalize two accounts, I will withdraw the 200usd that I have deposited there and I will dedicate myself only to one account, DXF will not be closed, only suspended. I hope later when you have the time and capital to devote the time you deserve. At the moment all the forces will go to GVQ.

Greetings Gerson

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To those who are following this thread, I inform that for a quarter GVQ will divide its operations, to add EXP, remember that the operation is to have trades open for about 20 hours … What I will do this quarter is to divide these 20 hours by 4. I mean, I will open 4 operations, always closing the previous ones, therefore they will NOT be accumulated.

The objective of this, as I mentioned above is to add a little in the exp, since darwinex is a bit hard in its penalty to low experience, and according to the calculations I would participate in darwinia only after 3 years, and I really want to capitalize my darwin , that I hope to do it winning or a darwinia, or why not, investors.



Greetings to all


With today and seeing that there is no more news that matters to me, I end the month and also the quarter. The balance so far is very good with 6%, and I hope to stay that way.

I keep the Underlying strategy above 2% and I am happy about it. Operating calmly, risking little. The RS attribute is in yellow but I don’t understand the reason. However I assume that this will rise, hopefully to 10 points.

Regards, Gerson


Greetings to all.

This last week I suffered a fairly rapid rise and fall, there were no losses, but it is something I cannot tolerate. For this reason, pairs containing JPY, CHF and GBP are left out, for now.

With this I am almost forced to use the EURUSD pair.

As for my operation, I feel very calm and my darwin progresses slowly but surely, for the moment in a consistent way.

Regards, Gerson

Good morning, and for a while without writing for some occupations.

Last week of August, I continue adding some pip and so far this month will end in positive. My underlying strategy still retains 2.7% Drawdown (at source), Darwin 6.7%.

Strategy to the letter and I invite everyone to do the same, backtesting and trusting.

I hope to be in a darwinia soon.

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August 2019 report GVQ


a satisfactory balance currently. I know my darwin is very young, but he can trust me. If you need more information, you can contact me

Trade continues, this month we have a small loss after only green numbers (-0,80%), I trust my way of operating and it is normal, there is still a week of this month, I hope to add what is missing. Regards, gerson

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The month was somewhat complicated, today last day, at this time it is in green numbers, I hope it ends that way.

Also, darwinex’s algorithms have given me the “promising” filter and that is good for me.


Due to a reduction in the VAR, and almost 3%, I am forced to withdraw money or leverage, I choose the second option to try to raise the VAR a little to at least 7%.

Initially, the batch is 0.02, but 2 operations will open at 0.01 lots each.

Also inform that a few days ago I have the filter “ON FIRE”, I hope it will last.

Not being more, good trade to all.

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Good morning and again sorry for my English, I don’t even know if they are understanding me, but there I go.

I’ve touched a new percentage today, with a candle that didn’t scare me.

Is trade lucky? I think it takes some luck, and today I play. But I am calm, because the strategy marked me the entrance. It was not a random entry.

It has not been an easy week, many swings.

Now to continue trading, the important thing, as always is discipline.


For reasons of Brexit the weekend will not be operated.

On the other hand the var continues to increase, I hope to reach 7%

Great trading Gerson - well done! You manage the trades very well with exellent LA and RS values - balanced risk and good consistent returns with acceptable DD to date - keep it up! Don’t worry about lack of sub funds - they will follow wiht a few more months of steady low DD returns…


Thanks for the comment, being like that, I think something is understood from what I write, I don’t trust the google translator.

With respect to DD according to the 15-year backtesting it is a maximum of 12%, which is why I want to raise the var so that it does not reach more than 20%.

I hope Darwinex decreases the VAR to 5%, it would be just great.

Reading a little about the flexible VAR and how little I can understand, I will keep my VAR at 5% hoping that Darwinex allows me to have a maximum of 7% var.

Therefore I reduce the leverage to 0.01 again until the new change is clarified.

I report a 3% fall on Monday. In short trades with JPY, Darwin doubled losses as well as doubles profits. But I think the falls hurt more than the climbs.

I hope this is a good week. Today I will go short with the NZD.

Looks like we’re in at least some similar trades today :slight_smile:


I see :sweat_smile: , I don’t know who it is, I hope the operation ends well, I’m currently in the GBP

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Sorry for my English, I didn’t understand you, are you FHT?

Report of the 26 of oct 2019

This week passed with a loss of -2.43%. in the Darwin.

The month of October is still positive after the sail of two weeks ago, but that has already passed and we hope to continue with the normal ascent curve. I hope this week will be a good trading week.

In the trade the important thing is the discipline and trust in the numbers.

Soon I will update some data of my strategy, like the maximum DD found, and I will explain some more things.

Translated with

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