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GVQ - - Gerson3366


The month of October ended with a gain of +15.65%. An excellent month that I hope to repeat in the future.

With this complete 6 months in green. The month of November begins a new challenge. I hope that my trading plan will give me another positive month and hopefully some other investor.

Deposit 200 and try, trust my plan, test me and I will show you. :guiño:

On top of that, can someone explain to me what this high correlation is about?

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@ignacio I would also be interested in a reply regarding this correlation. It seems completely unfair to disqualify GVQ from DarwinIA due to correlation with NTI.

If you look at the 2nd Darwin correlated with GVQ (i.e. MDU) and zoom out to 6M period, it is more clear that there is correlation between GVQ and MDU, but not with GVQ and NTI though. It almost seems like a bug.


Dear @Renko,

Thanks for your enquiry.

In regard to correlation, please note that it compares the quote’s evolution when both DARWINS have been active (i.e., it compares the specific 8-hour timeframes where both GVQ and NTI have traded). It is visually confusing in this specific case because NTI has long inactivity periods.

I agree it is a pity in your specific case and will check internally if there is anything that can be done in this connection, I will keep you posted!


PS: I’d appreciate if you could please reach out to whenever you need specific assistance re a given DARWIN (we have a dedicated support team monitoring that address).


November 7th

Good morning, everybody.

Today was another not very good day, GVQ is still in a DD that is about to celebrate a month. It remains stable, and I hope to get out of this little bump soon.

track record 13 oct 2019 - 7 nov 2019

Greetings to all

The DD continues, it’s been over a month, I hope to get out of it soon.

You learn some things,

  1. It is important to have a Var at 5% so the falls will not be as pronounced (x2), as it is uncomfortable to see them.
    I withdraw pairs with high volatility as the eurjpy and incorporate others of smoother travel.

Here is an image of how the chart goes


Greetings to all

This is my second month of DD followed, reaching 9% of DDMax, fortunately the graph had a great high at the beginning of October which allowed me to have the balance in green.

November has been however the first month with negative balance.

It had to happen, I will continue with the strategy I trust, I know I will have a good run again.

If you have questions with pleasure.

Good trade everyone



Due to the great reduction, I have taken as a measure to reduce to 45% the exposure of the market.

It had been increased to equal the var to 10%, but after 2 months is not even reached 6%, so I will wait until the new flexible VAR standard between now and hopefully can normalize to 5%.

The reduction will certainly not be so great if my exposure had not been increased.

The market taught me a great lesson since my high profit at the beginning of October, I should not modify my trading to impress statistics (in this case the VAR I wanted to raise), and as a lesson I lost everything I had won in 2 months.

You learn from this every day and even if I don’t modify my strategy if I increase my exposure.

I finished with 16.33% this year and hopefully next year 2020 I can finish in positive too.

Thanks to all who have read me this year, I have not been able to learn English, another goal for this year.

I’m taking two weeks off today, I’ll be back on January 5th.

merry christmas and happy new year

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The account is still at a minimum, but I’m sticking to my business plan, for trading you need a lot of patience and follow the plan


today is 3 years in the market, for me and my brother owner of JRT -Darwin, and what to say, thanks to darwinex with only 1500usd we have been operating for 3 years. And we are still almost intact, we have learned a lot in a broker that strangely does not force you to trade more, but rather to be consistent, when I read in the forums so much massacre in other brokers I feel happy to be here.

What can I say. Thanks to darwinex for showing us in these 3 years that it is possible to win in trading.

We move on.

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Congratulations on this great milestone, @gerson3366

Looking fwd to you attracting investors’ capital and winning Darwinia prizes :darwinex:!!



Thank you, I will. This year I will be in the top 80 at least twice. I hope so.

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New negative month, and complete 3, it certainly wasn’t a good idea to increase exposure.

As a measure, I am again reducing exposure by excluding operations in the eurusd and eurgbp pair. I am confident that I will go back up and not give up.



Darwin GVQ

February: 5,37%
2020 : -2,60%

eurgbp currencies are not excluded for diversification.

Next Target
achieve 10% VAR
1-80 darwinia position

Greetings, Gerson anaya


Marzo: -9.87 %
2020 : -13.72 %

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Abril: 2.14%
2020: -10.21%


With the new changes:
Mayo: 3,82%
2020: -1,71%
Darwinia: position 37