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HFD in drawdown. What do you think about it?

I would have thought his stop loss would have been hit but his losses keep getting bigger. Is he keeping the trade open hoping it will go in his favour?

how i see it that his trading account is on -3.97% the investor account is on -10.42%
so it is factor 2.62 and i see the VAR is low so the investor account can make more profit or loss.
i think he is just following his plan and got some loses behind each other, so a bit bad luck.

In my opinion if he follow the rules he will recover at time.
because the VAR is lower then 10% the increase of profit / loss is bigger then his normale trading account. if it goes into profit we are lucky and with loss the other way around.

ill still invest in him and hope he will recover soon and make some nice profit next months :slight_smile:

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Thanks Power for your input. Where do you see the -3.97% on his trading account?

this is his trading account which is underlaying to darwin: HFD

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I think you’re wrong about his trading account. It’s not at -3.97%

The update about the trading account is coming every night while the update about the Darwin is in real time :grimacing:

I can be wrong but i think it works like that…:man_shrugging:

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In my humble opinion, HFD always worked with very high risk.

Candlestick history doesn’t lie. There are a few daily candles with -4 and -5%. If you check in detail, hourly candlesticks sometimes reveal some -5% in just one hour, from top to bottom.

Investors should be able to accept the risks, the same way they accept profits.
Last thing that a trader needs, especially a manual trader, is to see tons of messages questioning his work.


My intention was not to start blame game here. I was interested in what is happening in general and why there is such a sudden outburst of downward trend of profits. Of course there are people who do not ask and just give up on trader.

I was astonished that investors did not start this discussion earlier and ask what he is doing. There must be a high confidence level on HFD if it got more than 100 new investors in the last month besides the performance was negative.
Future will tell whether they bought on a dip or caught a falling knife.




Konstantin have a very good track record, but when something went wrong seems investors criticize him. Investors need to understand that are thousands of systems, that are different ways of view the market, if not this way they want, they need to trade by himselfs - and at this stage they become traders and not investors. If the konstantin system told him to go short and he went short, nomatter what market do is a good signal. Investors need to understand market is not 1+1 = 2, if it was, traders were not doing nothing at darwinex.

Happy Trading,
Telmo Pinto


I think you’re confunding Konstantin’s track-record with the Darwinex Risk Manager track record (the Darwin).

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Also, as we can see on this photo the Drawdown is now at -10.77% but it was at -12.57% during “the big short day”.

That means that Darwinex is still taking a “photo” of the Drawdown every 24 hours and do not count the “intraday” Drawdown.

So, if a “trader” is going at -50% during a day and if by luck he can recover his loss before the end of the day, will this loosing day appear on the webpage of the Darwin?

It seems that will not.

Don’t you think that must evolve?


Konstantin read this topic and closed the opportunity to look at open positions for the past day through the underlying strategy. And also before the market closed, D-leverage increased from 8.79 to 17.35 . Well, I think we are waiting for a fun Monday. Will we be lucky this time? That’s the question.

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Are the positions still opened? :face_with_monocle:

Let’s pray Donald Trump will not bombard someone during the week-end…

Hope mode activated :upside_down_face:

Of course, otherwise D-leverage on the contrary would decrease

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There are investors who don’t invest into a Darwin not showing the assets and they won’t like that if they invested in HFD.

If I remember it right, Darwinex takes a snapshot on DD every hour, also for the max. calculation. So it is possible that an investor using a stop loss on 12 % was stopped out but sees only 11 % max. DD. I‘m not sure whether that will be adjusted overnight but I don’t remember any complaints about that.

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I do not attack anyone, he attacked by himself.

I care about the reality and facts.

Look at his decription :

“Manual trading system based on margin zones of participants from the futures market. Additionally, I use market sentiment analysis, volume analysis (trade zones, options, futures contracts) and technical analysis. The average risk per trade is up to 2% of the deposit. Each trade is protected stop loss. I try to hold a stop ratio to a take profit 1 to 2 and above, behind an exception the short-term trading. Type of strategy is trend following after pullbacks. No martingale.”

margin zones of participants : ?

I use market sentiment analysis : ??

technical analysis : ???

Type of strategy is trend following : ???

So, believe me, he attacked by himself by writting that and by doing the exact opposite… :man_shrugging:

Me, i dont’ really care. It’s just what i think…

This community was so sleepy…

Just open your eyes, that all :man_shrugging:


I remember lot of complaints about that few years ago.

Some serious investors left Darwinex about that.

But the decision has been taken to show the “Daily Drawdown” and not the “Full Drawdown”.

I would also dream that Darwinex shows the “Time Drawdown”. To me, the Time passed in Drawdown is more important than the depth of the Drawdown.

Maybe one given day :wink:

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As I said, and I repeat, I wouldn’t invest in HFD because it doesn’t match with my risk tolerance. I want to believe the trader when he says “no martingale”, but a look at the candlestick chart combined with the D-Leverage and you see that the risk structure is very close to a martingale.
I say this today, when things are not going well, I said this weeks ago, when one of my students asked me for an opinion about the Darwins he had in his portfolio.

What you are doing is different.
You are mocking a trader who is still up by 174%. A trader who gave something to the community, he gave a +174%.
Criticize a Darwin is one thing, mock a trader is another thing.


I prefer to laugh than to cry… What do you have against the humour?

And once again, i cannot call him a trader.

I’m pretty sure it’s an EA.

If it’s not, i’ll wait he explains to the community how it’s possible to short the Gold spot last week…

Which market sentiment analysis ?

Which kind of technical analysis ?

What he means by Type of strategy is trend following?

He disowned himself by doing the opposite of what he wrote in his description.

So, please… We are not blind.

We can see the truth.

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