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HFD in drawdown. What do you think about it?

Eheh I can assure you I am a very smiling person, probably it comes out in a different way when writing on a Forum.
Anyway, I have expressed my opinion, I have nothing more to add, so I will just follow.
I wish HFD a nice recovery, because while you use humour, if HFD goes down, the trader loses money, investors probably lose millions and Darwinex takes a huge hit (not just in terms of money going away, but also in terms of reputation).
Not really a situation to be happy about.


At the beginning, they believed in “Quants”. (They all failed with huge Time Drawdowns)

I’m back after 2 years, they bet on “Survivors”. (They will all failed as well)

After taken hits, they will probably understand that they must bet on “Quals”.

Darwinex is like MacLaren/Mercedes, they should do the settings for Lewis Hamilton.

Me too, i said what i had to say…

Ciao chicos! :wink:

This story here remembers me to the discussion about FSK on August 19th.
FSK - Reidar1932

We all hope that it will take another exit this time, but that depends only on the market and the trader.

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Is common because if you think as majority, they want to see big numbers - get rich quick. Every trader/investor have it´s own risk tolerance. If you see those big gain numbers, tendency will see big drawdown numbers.

Every trader is unique, that´s why there´s such diversity in darwinex. The investor need to see wich Darwin suits is risk tolerance. Do you think big firms don´t have drawdowns, and sometime big one´s ? The difference they have big pockets, they can exchange positions between them - don´t forget forex and cfd´s are different from stock, bonds, commodities markets.

Happy Trading
Telmo Pinto

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Drawdown is part of the a trading system. Why you had not criticize his trading style when he was earning money for investor. You only come here when his trading system suffered large drawdown. This is typical mentally of a investor, they can’t accept loss.


Thank you for your argument, Ipphbti!

I can explain that very easily.

As you say, the Drawdown is a part of a trading system. (Depth Drawdown but also the always forgotten Time Drawdown)

It’s because there is acceptable losses and unacceptable losses.

And clearly, that’s an unacceptable loss, for you, for me, for the investors and even for himself.

I mean, i hope he will understand this elementary lesson.

Basically, i would never speak about a normal loss.

But when the “trader” says he’s a trend follower and he lose by being (ultra) contrarian, i think we can call that an “unacceptable loss”, do you know what i mean?

Once again, i would never speak about normal losses…:man_shrugging:

So, to me, to say nothing is the problem.

To speak is the Solution.


Although I said to myself to stop wasting my time on this forum,I will make an exception to help investors and to help very good and honest trader of HFD darwin.What is happening right now in this thread was predicted and discussed some 11 months earlier by people who have actual experience of such situations.It will be interesting to read for investors and trader alike:
CavaliereVerde's live portfolio - Wide
In next post I will explain this present situation in HFD,so the trader doesn’t have to waste his precious mental energy on this whirlwind of accusations and misrepresentations.Investors will get their peace of mind back.


Explanation for present situation in HFD darwin for investors:
I follow this trader on some other investment platform where they offer much more accurate and precise informations about traders work(which is identical to his work in his account at darwinex ,which is the basis for darwin HFD).
There I can see his actual use of leverage and that is crucial for any serious investor to analyse traders behaviour and if his trading has healthy engine as I like to say,or if trader is doing something which will eventually bring him into deep DD or bankruptcy.
This trader uses among other tools also modest averaging down or scaling into position-I personally don’t like this technique,but HFD has demonstrated during almost 30 months that he knows what he is doing and also that he knows when to stop.His results are phenomenal and prove that he uses averaging down to trade and not as a way to get out of trouble only to land into even greater trouble as usually happens to traders without knowledge or discipline.He also admitted that in his interview here.The guy is clean.
Here is the screenshot of his actual equity curve during last month of trading on same account but on other investment platform so you can verify it is really the same trading:

Here is his use of actual leverage during same period (not this D-leverage that has nothing to do with traders use of leverage and is artificial data invented by darwinex quants for their work with Risk Management algos on this platform-it is highly misleading for investors,which is also visible from reading this thread and accusations):

I have put some comments on screenshot for last two days of trading in previous week to answer some accusations posted in this thread.I hope things are clear and put to rest all suspicion that this trader is undisciplined,foolish or even trading with EA.
He has been many times in such DD.He simply entered into several bad positions in a row,but all the time keeping the discipline and actively trading,not haplessly sitting in losing position or going martingale.
10% DD is absolutely normal.Danger zone starts at 25%DD.
What has most probably alarmed some people is misleading darwinex data,which should be in the future replaced with accurate data to help investors properly investigate darwins:

That is the screenshot of the same period from darwinex,but using their artificial D-leverage.

Investors need accurate data on use of leverage by trader.Investors would also like accurate data on DD(this question was again raised in this thread,like many times before,also by myself one year ago

Have a nice Sunday evening and stop panicking.Trader entered new position late Friday afternoon with his normal leverage.Of course nobody knows in which asset or direction.


Well try bro, but what about the fact that he is absolutley not a trend follower? (He lost by being Mega Ultra Contrarian)

We are not stupid, we know he was short on Gold.

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@PurePipProducer He wrote that introduction two years ago,he should update that or erase.He only started communicating not long ago and he did interview here,which you will find interesting probably.
You maybe cannot read leverage graph from that other investment platform,so here is again explanation in short:he was actively trading in Thursday and Friday not sitting in a bad position and watching.Problem was that whatever he tried was going wrong.That happens.Late Friday,after the close of London, he has started building new position,who knows where and in what direction.
He didn’t accumulate 10% DD in a single position.


Well, with the corona virus who is growing and growing in Italy since all the wek-end, i hope he knows what he’s doing.

From my point of view, to build a position on a friday is a very dangerous way to think the trading.

He decided to be always invested in the market, by doing that, he’s depriving himself the option to be out and quiet.

That’s his choice.

Good luck to him!

To anyone reading this statement above, please ignore it for it is completely and utterly false :slightly_smiling_face:

To the poster of the above and to anyone else who would really like to understand what D-Leverage is, and why Leverage (as the poster has stated above) is not sufficient on its own for assessing the risk of a trading strategy, please watch all the videos in the following playlist:

It is precisely this sort of commentary that hurts others’ experience here on the forum.

Please adjust it or it will be moderated within 24 hours.

Opinions are entertained here. Fabrications and misrepresentations aren’t.

Thank you.


I have posted screenshots for precisely that purpose so that everybody can verify with his own eyes what is misleading and what is accurate!

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It is your comment about D-Leverage that I’ve referenced in my response.

The rest is of the post is your opinion. But the commentary about what you consider D-Leverage to be, is nonsense I’m afraid :smirk:


@integracore2 Listen,I didn’t come back to bash darwinex quants,but to defend darwinex and HFD from paranoia that I experienced at other investment platform as well as @EvidenceAlpha ,which we discussed in the @CavaliereVerde thread.There is the link in my first post.
I am not retarded and I am perfectly aware of how D-leverage works and why it is implemented.But you guys should keep it for your use and give actual leverage to investors for analysis of traders behaviour.


… and intention.
If I trade the same size in the same direction with the same asset in another time period D-leverage is different.


@IlIlIlIlI Keep it simple,man.I only posted for the sake of investors and HFD trader.If we start technical discussions people will go into coma and @integracore2 is already thinking it is attack on him and his buddies and @CavaliereVerde is stripped of his moderating powers to keep things readable for general public.


Sorry but to me trading is not a zero sum game. Trading is a negative sum game.

Because you must pay the spread, the swap, the negative slippage, the state taxes.

That’s also not my opinion dear Ipphbti.

If a big participant at the market lose 1 M€ on a trade while 1000 participants are winning 1000€ because of his big loss, we are in a case where 1 lose while 1000 win.

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I gave you the like to welcome you to the Community. IMO your post belongs to the HFD thread where you posted it and not to a DD discussion as you acted without discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A kind of quarantine topic…
Corona virus style… :thinking:

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