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HGF- HolygrailGuru

Thanks for sharing that link Ignacio. I appreciate it. My concern wasn’t regarding holidays though. I received a nil swap for a USDTRY short from Friday and it appears that judging by the chart you provided, that’s exactly what I am going to be receiving tomorrow… nothing :frowning:
I was questioning the fairness of this…even if it is purely a consequence of your liquidity providers. I am quite certain you all know the deal you’re getting. Nothing more to say mate. Thanks for your help and Happy New Year! All the best xxx

Dear @HolygrailGuru,

Thanks for your reply. Today is bank holiday in the US, which is why last week’s swaps were paid/ charged on a different manner than usual.

Please note that swap rates are updated on our website every day around 6 pm UK time, so data are subject to change later today.



My trading style will beat ANY over time. Guaranteed! Even considering unfavourable swaps :slight_smile:

I think it is early to state that.
If a teacher is not a profitable trader what is the point sharing a Darwin?
The trackrecord of IRY is short but there is a decent skin in the game with 10k at var 5% .

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As I already explained to @HolygrailGuru , this is a forum not a social network, there are no feeds.
This is not a private page owned by @HolygrailGuru , this is a discussion about HGF .

Maybe the comment by @FedericoSellitti was a bit off-topic but a frontal and personal attack is not the way to answer.


So do you think carrytrading is the only way to make money from forex?

Not at all! Carry trading combined with correlation trading though is the safest way that I know of to make consistent money. Pattern trading is no different than looking up to the clouds and visualising what it is that you wish to see. Martingale and stacking trades will one day leave anyone broke! As far as other forms of trading, winning 22 trades while losing 19 may provide an edge over time BUT, losing multiple trades in a row can be a bit demoralising as well as destructive.

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Drawing lines on charts is like staring clouds but some indicators and candlesticks patterns can have a predicive value, not a Grail but something.
Here we have some very long trackrecords and I don’t think they are trading correlations and swaps.

BTW Darwinex is quite bad with swaps, so congrats for your result!

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I know they aren’t :slight_smile:
It takes a special kind of lunatic to do the things I do. Lol! I see a few really good traders on here statistically. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to see what they’re dabbling in. Trading indices or futures can leave one looking like a champion for several years… until economic turmoil hits! I trade ONLY currencies. Currencies that are meticulously correlated with real time data… constantly. No financial crash will EVER effect me! News events don’t effect me… last year’s flash crash didn’t effect me. The Trump era has not effected me. Even the unpegging of the Franc from the Euro several years back effected me NIL!


Lol! Thanks mate…I think. Haha :smile: xxx

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"Currencies that are meticulously correlated with real time data… constantly. No financial crash will EVER effect me! "

Good point, I never tought about it.


is something normal and if he is a good trader will soon recover.

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Thanks a lot, @HolygrailGuru!

I am glad we are all on the same page, let’s make out of this a place where civil and sensitive debates are held!

Trade safe,


I refer everyone to @ignacio’s post earlier:

If we all maintain a degree of decorum, this forum organically becomes a better, more constructive environment for everyone.

Darwinex is a place where facts and numbers speak for themselves.

It is why our teams have worked so hard to provide everyone a platform that gives more granular detail than found practically anywhere else, so numbers present facts while talk remains cheap as the saying goes.

This is how Darwinex deals with facts and numbers. Not via unnecessary peddling of egos and provocation.

Let’s keep it civil guys :wink:

Thank you :pray:


-30% in a single week.
Strange for a carry trader.


No more to write about this results.


This week has had several crashes, heavy ones.
I don’t know if it is a coincidence, it is the coronavirus, or what…
I have mentioned several times about the trading frequency in other threads. Some times the best trade is the one you skip…:wink:
Today, I am sat and watching…


There is no holygrail strategy.There are always some unforeseen market events that you can’t factor in your trading.


Now is when I miss you Linda.

You did a great defense of your trading style and your years of experience dealing with all kind of crashes and economy events.

Now, it is time to offer your followers and investors a full explanation about the events happening these days and what to expect next.

Have a great weekend.