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How and why investors lose money

Can anybody explain why the investor sold the Darwin at this point?

There was no stop order from the beginning, otherwise the Darwin would have been sold earlier.
If the investor would have waitd 1 or 2 months, he would have cut the loss or could have left even.
Looks like buying in a falling price channel and selling when a small raising channel was left downwards?
Is that an investor strategy?

I just don’t understand it.

@CavaliereVerde was that the level of the former max. DD?
(investor picture is from KVL because I didn’t find another one with such a nice documentation of the action of 1 investor)

No it wasn’t .
The strategy is not so clear but I think it is more a time based exit.
Something like selling losing darwins after 3 months.

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You can find the same stuff on JMC BSL and many others… :wink:
I suggest you to read this discussion:

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simple, when the “investor” saw the initial fast recovery he was somewhat relieved (in hope and pray mode), but then the darwin consolidated for a wk or two, it broke his spirit and he closed out. he was probably watching darwin like a hawk everyday sweating.
the investor wanted straight up recovery and prob would have closed out at top.

The “investor” bought the high and never wanted to experience drawdown and lost faith in darwin once the DD occured.


You could be right analyzing only the AUM of KVL …

But you are wrong on the nature of the investor, it was a real institutional investor, a team of professionals with a company and site. I cannot disclose their identy.

They were wrong with KVL but it is posiible that they are winning with their portfolio.

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people are people, institutional or not.

they bought the high and sold the low


I think that to understand the initial question it is better to look to darwins with a longer trackrecord than KVL and probably managed by better traders than me. :wink:

Sometimes they are on good traders but their lack of patience does the damage.
Good traders are able to endure drawdown and stagnation, the same is required from investors.
The crowd is impressed by high return and low drawdowns that always happens on short trackrecords.


The second screenshot with the Darwin trading investor is very interesting, thanks for sharing it.

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I was wandering on the recent suggestion to notify when a darwin reopens to new investors.

Even if I am a buy and hold investor I think Darwinex is not for people that revise their investments once per year.
This kind of investment needs to be supervised at least once per month.

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