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How can you have a Darwin based on other Darwins?

Hi there,

Might be a silly question but… It looks like the only way to create a Darwin is to either trade on MT4 or MT5 and then eventually be able to create a Darwin from that live account when the button appears, right?

So what’s confusing me is you sometimes come across Darwins which say “this Darwin is based on trading other Darwins, or based on this or that Darwins” or something along those lines. So how’s that possible? Since in MT4/5 you can’t “trade Darwins”, and since the underlying trades of Darwins are hidden to protect the strategy.

What am I missing here? When you start investing in Darwins and make a portfolio, is there a way it allows you to make your investment portfolio into a Darwin?

Sorry for the lack of experience, I started investing in Darwins at the start of the year and then soon after pulled everything out of all investment / trading as the pandemic emerged… and now I’m looking into getting back into it.


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That is/was planned called Mendel, not Darwin. You can search for it here :wink:


If it’s from the same provider then it’s referring to two correlated Darwins.

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