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How do I convert commission into points for each instrument? Please provide calculator

Presently, I am looking for a conversion of commission paid in US$ to be converted in points based on following contracts:


and all instruments.

I can’t located any calculator to do it.

Can you please set up a calculator but for the time being tell me how many points I am paying for each of the Index contracts.

Thank you.


To get the commission paid, you will get the fastest answer for your lotsize if you make a trade on a demo account.

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Dear @optionshk,

Thanks for your enquiry.

Did you have the chance to visit

The table displays the tick value per contract as well as the commission per contract, not sure if this is what you’d be looking for?

I hope this proves helpful!


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I want to get the commission calculated in points similar to the way you have provided spreads in points so that I can easily calculate my trading costs in points, and compare with daily average range.
Thank you.