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How much does each darwin manage?

Can I get an overview on how much each Darwin Im invested in manages at the moment in my leveraged investment portfolio?

This would be helpful information if I want to change the number of darwins and still be equaly invested in each darwin or maybe if I want rebalance the portfolio sometime.


I guess you cant then?

Go to the lists menu

Create List
Add Darwins
Select Portfolio as source
Select all

and Save it

Got it?

Then you see the AuM - easier to read in the list Lay-out than as widgets.
You can also sort it by investors capital (AuM)

If you mean how much each of the invested DARWINs manages in your portfolio, i.e. how much of your money each DARWIN manages, then go to the “Invested DARWINs” section of your portfolio and look for the “Invested” column. For a leveraged portfolio, the amount appearing there will be the leveraged amount.

Does this answer your question?

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Yes but the invested amount does not change. I want to see how much it manages after gains/losses at the moment.

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