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How to get monthly returns and query by D-Score

I would like to get monthly returns of a Darwin (i want to check uncorrelations with stocks), Ive tried it with /products/{productName}/history/quotes but it has quota limit and its a pain to get it for multiple darwins at once…
Is there any other way to do it?

Also, anyone knows if its possible to query /products filter with D-Score filtering? For example, get all darwins with D-Score > 70?



Hi @Akiru,

I’m afraid it is required to request the quotes history per darwin at the moment but we take the suggestion to implement it for several darwins at the same time.
On the other hand, we are working to offer additional filtering options like the D-Score filtering with proper properties of period and type so we will be providing it soon.

Thanks for the suggestion and questions :wink:

Kind regards,


Update on this request… The additional options to product filtering are now available on the Darwin Info API (including D-Score):