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How to go from one investor to two investors

In this episode we go through a possible sequence DARWIN managers can follow to attract investor capital to their DARWIN. With focus on the stage where they go from one investor, which is themselves / DarwinIA, to two investors which already involves third-party capital.

Most relevant subtopics covered in the video with their timestamp:

  • 00:53 - The hardest leap to perform is to go from zero investors to one investor.
  • 01:20 - The next quantum leap: to go from one investor to two investors.
  • 01:59 - At some point, you sort of become meta popular in the sense that you are popular because you were popular and then you become popular.
  • 02:35 - How to ease the burden from zero to one.
  • 03:24 - How to ease the burden from one to two - empowering the people who want this the most, which is each and every one of the individual Darwin managers to seek people who trust them the most.
  • 05:20 - Summary of the previously presented sequence of attracting investor capital.

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i like the video, there are several good points.

one thing i thought about though was the idea about “how to get more followers” for the Darwin. perhaps it could be another topic for discussion if there is someone that has some ideas about marketing, or more ideas about it since it was somewhat covered.

maybe the answer is that forum presence is needed, maybe it is about posting videos and chart on the site and talking about them or maybe it’s general strategy ideas. perhaps a video about that where somebody talks about how to do them or what good points are? i’d like to see something like that.


Just love these videos. Keep doing great job guys :wink: