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How to make 1M (OHLC) CSV from tick darwinex data

i am looking for some script which will make OHLC 1M data from tick darwinex data. It will download the data from FTP and make OHLC 1 minute data from them and write everything to CSV, which i could import do some backtesting app.

Is anyone capable of?

i know about some python project here, but i am not familiar with it…

i think that this script, app, … will help to all members of community.



+1 to Hankeys request

I know that Paduel made some code, but could someone make a short guide to us noobie traders/programmers from A to Z?
From Darwinex tick data ftp server to 1min OHLC data in .csv format so u can export it back to mt4 for eg
what kind of programs, plugin etc

This should become a friendly solution. It’s just lagging to be released.

You could start out on the Dukascopy data (which has more ancient starting dates in most cases) then verify the results are conform when the Darwinex data will be out
NB: the free version of TickStory is enough to export into AmiBroker or NinjaTrader

If you can’t wait and ready to pay, worth for MT4 only, not MT5

I just spent 2 weeks coding systems in ProRealTime, only to realize they propose so few Xminutes historical data to test on, even through their expensive Premium version, it’s useless.

Hi guys,

Great to see more algorithmic traders pursuing Darwinex tick data :slight_smile:

We released a video tutorial for this some time back on YouTube. I encourage you to watch it in its entirety:

The tutorial covers constructing a table of time-ordered / tick-wise BID/ASK prices, and also comes with source code that implements what’s discussed.

Thank you for the suggestion re: OHLC - simple enough to implement so we’ll get you an updated Python script to create OHLC data in any timeframe of your choice, by next week, no worries :slight_smile:

Quick request:

If you have questions about implementation, please do also share them on YouTube via the video’s comments section, like and share the video, etc.

YouTube values community feedback and shows our content to more relevant trader audiences - so by engaging with us on YouTube as well, YOU automatically contribute to the #tradermovement and help Darwinex grow further / reach larger audiences :pray:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! Looking forward to next week :slight_smile:

I can only speak for myself but i would be happy if the instruction is on par with level “pyhon for dummies”

PS I have managed to download a sample data to .csv thanks to Paduel but now i don´t know what to do with it…but my goal is to put the data back into mt4

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normal APP for dumb users will be awesome…where i could download data from FTP, i could choose what symbols i want to download the app will download only missing data, in the APP could be done conversion to CSV …tickdata, 1m OHLC, dateranges from to, etc.

TDS is doing pretty much this already for the dumb user. Not free though.

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i have TDS, i see 2 problems:

  • if i export data from TDS i am getting strange BT, there must be some problem with it, because i am collecting real tick data from real account from darwinex and if i compare those data from darwinex TDS data, the BT is different
  • second problem, in TDS are data delayed for some period, some days are missing

That’s strange. Have you chosen Darwinex as data source and are you sure this is not due to wrong GMT-Offset settings inside TDS?

From what I can see TDS is just using the Darwinex FTP historical data as well (if you chose Darwinex as source). I can’t dedicate too much time to this but since TDS is a paid software you might try to get some support from them to solve the issues.