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How to trade in a ranging market?

I have been having trouble lately trading as market trends start to range, and loose there trend.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what technical analysis tools, or methods, are best in a ranging market?

Thank you!


To cut a long story short: I can´t trade ranges, as I either don´t get a fill, or get the break-out. :scream:

And for range trading, you need a range with enough meat, to work it.

At the moment, markets show a historical low volatility.
I reduced my trading and spent some hundred hours in April in front of the screens, without a trade on. My day-trading Darwin NIB ist just hibernating.

So if you ask me, the appropriate strategy is to take the third way: side-lines.

Might be of interest: How to trade in a low volatility market


Thank you.

That Baby Pips website is very helpful,.