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How was D-leverage 😍 born?

D-leverage is an unbelievably brilliant concept. I would love to know who we can give credit to for its invention and maybe a little history or some thought process notes. Is this something that will be changed in the upcoming upgrades? Can it actually be improved upon? (I doubt it.)

If I had to guess I’d say @integracore2 probably contributed some.


Thank you for your kind comments and feedback @bendex - much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

The mastermind behind D-Leverage is @javicolonbo :nerd_face:

I’m simply someone who’s had the privilege of learning the why/what/how of D-Leverage directly from him.

Together we’ve produced the following tutorials (in English and Spanish) to explain the concept and related calculations to the rest of the community as best as we can.

As always, we’d greatly appreciate any feedback so we can incorporate the same in future tutorials :pray:

Many thanks!

Tutorials in English:

# Measuring the Risk of a Trading Decision (D-Leverage)

# Calculating the Risk (D-Leverage) of a Position

# How Value-at-Risk (VaR) is calculated at Darwinex - Part I

# How Value-at-Risk (VaR) is calculated at Darwinex - Part II

Tutorials in Spanish:

# Cómo se mide el riesgo de una decisión de trading, el D-Leverage

# Cálculo del VaR en una estrategia de trading