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How would an investor in the EU (MiFID) go about investing in my Darwin?

I would like show some friends and family scattered across the EU my first Darwin IZU. I have just completed 6 months of trading and the results are very encouraging +20% with max DD of 11% and not a single month down.
Darwinex is a UK based and regulated entity with MiFID passport, but how will and investor based in France or Germany invest in my Darwin? does he need to open an account in the UK?



When opening a Darwinex account they’ll be able to choose EUR as their base currency and send euros to one of Darwinex’s segregated EUR client bank accounts. They’ll send their funds to a UK banking entity but to an EUR bank account to avoid exchange rate commission by banks.

Let me know if this is what you meant by opening an account in the UK.

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thank you Bianka, but my Darwin IZU is GBP based, so who will be taking the EURGBP FX risk? do you offer the EUR based accounts a “hedged” version of the IZU?.

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I see your concern now! Here we provide an explanation:

In short, it should only be a problem if the usual duration of the trades is long.