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I am going to share my general critiria of selecting Darwins for discussion

I believe after applying this, and manually pick some qualifying ones, up to 30, should compose good long term portfolio


Works better for the non Chinese. :wink:

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what do u mean …?

If you are not on the .cn site it asks you to login, I only substituted with .com on the URL .

I use a VPN so it complicate the issue here

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I would replace capacity score by divergence > -0.5

Edit: and I would demand a higher or adequate return for 2 years if you accept 35 % - more than a third - DD.

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I am curious that you don’t involve Experience in your filter instead you use “number of days in Darwinex”.

I am delighted to see this because with my trading strategy I wonder if I will ever achieve the 10 in Ex. As it is general criteria to have score of 10 in Ex without it Darwin is not taken seriously.

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Experience can also be made before migration, and some migrated Darwins got lost in the first weeks in Darwinex for whatever reason.


My filter is very similar to this one by @PrimeZor , the main difference is that I require two years of native trackrecord instead of one, it is the main indicator of robustness.
Ex and DSore were designed for short trackrecords, they are not enough.


It might be worth, just taking a few months of shorter term trades, increase volume to remove penalty of experience.

you have 1 yr trading and only 2.5 Ex. In long run, it might be worth it. something to think about


Thanks @Muiris for your suggestion.

I agree on this and I might take some short term trade to improve the Ex score. However, I am not sure how much it will improve because the D period is normalized with longest market exposure, in my case this is often several weeks.

I also raised the issue with Darwinex team and got the following reply, which might be useful for some other traders as well…

Experience and D-Score is based on your market exposure, normalizing by the position with longest market exposure.
That means, making trades with very different market exposure will lead to a low Ex score increase.
In case you want to change this, you could try closing and opening a position in order to “reset” market exposure.


you will get good EXP score with just 3 months history if you trade often, but 3 months we should think way too short for a serious decision here.

Personally I donot pay any attention to any of the scores, I just design risk to trade the MT4 account with my comfortable risk profile and profit expectation, not to mention I donot even fully understand many of scores.

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I agree to change the Capacity to Divergence which make more direct sense for the purpose, I only require 365 days and I give very generous threshold for DD and return because I donot want to miss good potential ones knowing past two years very hard for a lot of long term good stuff, I would accept even only small profit for past two years which are already not easy to achieve. Even so, only about 50+ Darwins meet the above and I only see it a rough selection and to invest real fund, each should still be reviewed case by case for further details.


I am using both in my filter.
Divergence is the present reality but can be very unstable.
Capacity is an estimation but it is more stable, 3 is quite high considering the actual population and you exclude some really good darwins but with 3+ you don’t have problems of bad or unstable divergence.

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My filter returns 34 darwins and I do the same, they are reduced to 20 manually.
A filter is only the beginning, than you have to manually rate discipline honesty and education of the trader.

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I do also use the backtester to find out how long a Darwin is published. This is the only way I know to avoid getting a Darwin coming from account farming at Darwinex, days in Darwinex does not show this.

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Yes, you are probably right about 3+, I will try this, but now I am still holding losses from those low La Darwins, not sure if I should sold them all now or wait…