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I am looking for a stable profitable Darwin?

I have invested in some darwin for 2 months now. in the end they don’t make any profit. disappointed. Although, take no more.
But, can anyone suggest any darwin you find ok?
thank you very much

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I invested in 5 darwins after 7 months minus 5 perc. Need patience with darwins

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ok Thank you so much.
But, if you can see the trading history of traders, it’s better to judge. Although, trading history is sometimes the privacy that darwinex has for them.

I spread my capital as much as I can among more than 30 Darwins.
This way I have low risk at portfolio level, and a bell-shaped, normal distribution of returns among the Darwins therein. Then I can simply cut loses by selling the extreme outliers on the losing tail of the distribution.

The only downside of holding 30 or 50 Darwin is having to spend time selecting them. I do this by creating a “List” and creating a “Filter” by “Return / Drawdown ratio”. Then I add to this “List” the top 100 results of the “Filter”. Finally, I sort this “List” by Return for the previous 2 years.

From such a sorted list of 100 items, I can then visually pre-select those with low enough drawdown and long enough track record. Then I have to open the home page of each pre-selected Darwin and see whether they have actually been long enough within Darwinex, whether their Return/Risk graph looks good currently, and whether their attributes (Mc, Rs, Ra, Pf) are good enough (green) for me.

It’s all very time-consuming, unfortunately. :roll_eyes:


yes, I understand what you mean. That way I also thought of. But, it also requires more capital. :wink:

May I suggest MKJ, its my darwin. Please assess it since its creation in Darwinex and not with my linked history.

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It looks good but I am currently focusing on Darwins with more than 2 years in Darwinex. Thank you for bringing it up to my attention, though; I will mark it for future review.

My recommendation to Darwin managers would be to focus first on improving their risk management (Rs and Ra attributes). I also hope that Darwinex will improve the validity of their Attributes.

I am one of those who would prefer Attributes did not to include imported histories. Perhaps scores including previous data could be expressed separately and labelled appropriately.

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