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I can't find how to double investor account leverage

I’ve read I can double the leverage of my investor account in the “investor view” tab “chart” but I can’t find it there. May be there were changes and it’s not possible to do so?
Thanks in advance and congratulations for your platform.

The option is still available.
There is an article about it here:

If you don’t see the prompt, you may have already enabled it (the prompt disappears once activated)
It only applies to trades placed after activation, existing trades (if any) remain unleveraged.



Thanks for your reply but may be I’m missing something. I can’t see the option to double my leverage and I think didn’t activate it. I Attach my figures next. If I’ve doubled my leverage I think that the capital available to invest should be around 600 €… Am I wrong?
Equity 735.66 €
Available 296.50 €
Invested 400.00 €
P&L Opened 39.15 € 9.78 %

You see the result of your leverage also there:

If “Available to invest” is the same as “Available”, then you don’t have double leverage. If it is doubled as with my demo account, you have the double amount available to invest than you have available in cash.

It is also shown on the invested positions:


Thanks for your reply. I can’t see “available to invest” and my current positions show 1.0 leverage so it’s clear i didn’ double it. Anyway I can’t see the option to double it anywhere in my dashboard.

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