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I want to know why my portfolio loses more than the darwin Im investing

It might be answered or written down somewhere, but I didn’t know how to search it, so I came here to ask you guys.
I only invested in one darwin and its cumulative performance is -9%. I use no leverage. I have changed the VaR one time from 10% to 5% and my performance is -16%. What is the reason of the difference?

Hi @Galaxy! That’s quite a difference (-9% vs -16%).

What can you see under “Divergence”?

Do you mean having changed your Max. Risk?

Yes, I changed the maximum amount to be risked. I sold it all today and in history the divergence it says $-6.79 and P&L is $-83.46

The difference between the return of your investment in a DARWIN and the theoretical return of the DARWIN for the same period is due to divergence.

But $-6.79 doesn’t correspond to a divergence of -7% if your PnL with -16% is $-83.46. I suggest you reach out to with specific screenshots so the team can look into the case.

The DARWIN I invested statistics has changed. Now, it gives true results. I just feel I was like in the Truman Show. Thanks @bianka