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If a DARWIN I’m invested in has a limited capacity, will my investment in the new-risk DARWIN be guaranteed?

Capacity management will be shared between the two co-living versions of the DARWINs. When you sell your investment in the old DARWIN, capacity in the new DARWIN will be freed up so that you can invest in the new one with the same risk (the amount to invest to maintain the same risk/return level will be shown upon selling the old DARWIN).

Nevertheless, if a DARWIN you’re invested in is currently closed to new buyers, we recommend to wait with switching to the new DARWIN until it stops being closed.

Please advise when will THA be reopened again for new investment.

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It will be automatically reopened when the AuM reaches 98% of the maximum AuM defined by @finbou.

Currently, THA is at AUM of $2,965,803 which is $25,803 higher than 98% of the $3,000,000 AuM set by finbou.

Does the “re-opening” happens automatically and instantaneously meaning if I sell my current holdings of THA (say I have $26,000 invested, after 3x leverage) and put total AUM below 98% ($2,940,000), then I can immediately buy up to $60,000 of THA?

Yes, this should work as you expect if you buy the new DARWIN immediately after selling the old one.

Should you experience any problem when trading the new DARWIN, please reach out to and they’ll assist you to make sure you’re able to buy.