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IlIlIlIlI's Darwin trading demo portfolio with +5.5% in the first 2 days

As it made 4 % in 2 calendar days (with double leverage), I want to publish it early as usual.

Filter: not published :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Rules: take the top 10 sorted by investors, out of a bunch of Darwins (at least 50, better more than 100) presented by the filter

If there are changes in the top 10, sell the leaving ones and buy the new ones without regarding profit or loss. That is done always when the portfolio is under review.

Trades made in the last 2 days:

Updates will be made from time to time without an agreement to publish the full trade list.


More trades made until today now:

It would be great if Darwinex offered a similar Portfolio so that with a single click we could automate our investment among the top 10 Darwins, without having to look one by one at what in which Darwinex to invest. Similar to the Top10 Portfolios that eToro offers to investors.
A Portfolio that automatically collected the best 10, distributed the money equally among them, and directly collected or eliminated Darwins that met this criterion. As an improvement, configuration filters could be put in the Portolio, in case someone wants to increase the number of Darwinex (ie. 20, 50, 100, etc.) or if someone wants to change the selection criteria (ie. Score, investors, return, etc.) .
Being able to select these portfolios would save a lot of time for the investor, who would not have to waste time looking to see day after day if each of their Darwin is going well, nor placing StopLoss orders.
For me it would be a great advantage that Darwinex already offered this type of product, being of course, a matter of responsibility of each investor to have them in their portfolio or not.
The example of the trading demo Portfolio that our partner publishes here is proof that said product would work well.

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I fully agree that an automated process would help a lot. Currently a Darwin of the portfolio left the filter Friday late night and is still in the portfolio but should be replaced.
The delay would be avoided with automated actions and the proof of concept of this portfolio would be more reliable.

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Hi @PER75, it’s good to see you here on the community forum. Welcome!

It’s planned to offer DARWIN portfolios. Technically, the feature is even developed. Darwinex has to implement several other features prior to releasing DARWIN portfolios though. More on this in this post:


Last trades until today :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Lessons removed, I’m not a teacher :wink: … and unfortunately my english course is stopped for an unknown “corona rules” period)

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German lesson #1 ? :smiley:

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Thx, that was the result of working in home office from the same computer :wink:

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Trades today:

Even if the performance of the first 2 days was not repeated, I am satisfied with it for March.

Following changes are made:
As Darwinex does not deliver sufficient tools for my idea, I have to do some work manually. So I decided to cut the number of Darwins from 10 to 5 to make it possible in an acceptable range of time.
For that reason the last trades of March are not published.
The investment amount per Darwin is doubled to 4k.

In April I made the following trades until now (complete list):


Yesterday I made some calibration on the filter to avoid getting too risky or hazardous traded Darwins.
As a result 3 Darwins of the portfolio lost priority and were replaced.

Last trades in April until now:

The complete list of trades is too long for one screenshot. The following Darwins were traded, some more than once, and the trades were not published until now:

Performance in April 2020:

Little bit frustrating, after a too great start.
I don’t know how long I will continue this setup as the value was rescued by one single Darwin…

History is slightly profitable, but not sufficient to pay the investor fees.


I have to suppose that this portfolio is discontinued, we have only one demo.


yes, it was discontinued with a smaller profit than shown above.

But my demo portfolio story is continued here: :wink:

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