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Important Announcement - XYF DARWIN

Hi everyone!

It has come to our attention that DARWIN XYF unequivocally replicated a commercially available execution advisor (EA). The legitimate owner of the track-record migrated & IPOd as XYF produced conclusive evidence that at least part of said track record was used without his permission.

Whilst we finalise our investigation on the matter, we have meanwhile:

  1. De-linked XYF from its original contributor,
  2. Linked DARWIN XYF to an underlying account managed by the EA developer (Belkaglazer), who will accrue any success fees paid by XYF investors

One of the persons linked to XYF was a Darwinex employee, who no longer works for us due to this unfortunate incident.

The case has highlighted the need to:

  1. Update our arbitration procedure in ownership disputes, as published in 2015
  2. Update our migrations due diligence process

The legitimate owner of the track record is now happily trading the strategy behind XYF.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need assistance in this connection.

Trade safe,


If i have a look at correlation it seems there are even more darwins at least using the same EA partially? (same trades, 0s difference)

But i like that you point that out to all of us +1 for tranparency :wink:


Thanks for your reply!

The EA can indeed be purchased, so I would not be surprised if other users were trading that EA (with the owner’s consent, of course!).


I don’t fully understand what happened.
If the EA was purchased to create a Darwin, what is wrong with that?


If there was only a license purchased for personal use, the EA cannot be used to run a Darwin.
Edit: the license must allow commercial use or transfer the ownership to the buyer. The intellectual property is not transferred by setting some parameters which functionality is planned by the programmers.


I think stolen trackrecord matters.


There was nothing wrong with the EA being traded.

As @CavaliereVerde pointed out, the buyers of the EA linked the track record belonging to the EA’s owner (they managed to get the owner’s investor password).

The EA developer is (or at leas was) happy with his EA being used to create a DARWIN, he was not aware of his entire track record being used, though.

On top of the improvements we’ll introduce to avoid such issues, please make sure you do not shareyour investor password!


Now I understand the twist of this story. Thanks Ignacio


Hi @ignacio,
Nice, this is the type of action ( transparency…) I expect from Darwinex and spread trust…, (besides firing someone, this is a common human error, that should and can be used as lesson to improve, it alone is not enough to it,something more must have been discover… my opinion… ).
Commercial EA, all clear now, they are like Chinese’s phones, very attractive in price, but a miracle if it works after 6m ( LOL). Also here my opinion, as 99% are scam, once Darwinex detected them, Darwin should be closed for protection of investors of a scam from a scam… there are no miracles! Don’t worth to take the risk!, of course anyone who think have discover a machine to make money, can trade and have the right to use for him-self…
But one provocation… imagine I sell My EA for any reason, (even in this case, it will be hard to happen, because protecting a EA for use only in authorized accounts and servers is easy as eat a cake….) but lets admit, that although for individual use, I find a Darwin that is a “copy” of mine, and I wont to litigate with Darwinex on subject… with new “improvements” on IP do you thing that it is possible for me now? If a trader hide it simple things as checking what instruments have been trade in the past, I can not check…. This do not worries Darwinex?
All the best,


The solution is simple: don’t sell EAs and list a DARWIN!