CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Increase in % of losing clients

Podium of the corrupted || erratic behavior :

  1. PRT fixed its range issue on white labels’ dedicated pages (now IB@69%, IB@81%), yet continues to demonstrate inconsistency in ranges display on generic pages : 69%-89% Is that high loser number guenine ? concerning what part of trading ?
  2. LMAX publishes outdated data past 6 months old (august) while officially max 3 months is mandated, also playing hard to get hiding behind a PDF link outside main pages. Curious / too bad because their number is/was good !
    Waiting for a deserved manual update (requested)
  3. FXCM also doesn’t seem to have updated from (at least) past 3 months (how surprising!)
  4. FxPro put in place an automatic location detector on the main page (while displaying globally on a subsidiary webpage less accessible). Browse the site from outside the EU then the info is not communicated. Smart one!

  5. Some brokers like AAAfx and have protected their website against online cache backups (not knowing if this decision is in any way related with the ESMA stat!)

I think the increase in losers that we were speaking at the beginning is due to a more difficult market in 2018 Q4.

It is a percentage that floats around 75% .

Clearly brokers are not proud of it but it is nothing so surprising, 90% of customers have less than one year of experience.

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Clarification from LMAX support :handshake:
I can’t say every other broker welcomed me well. Some ignored my queries.

edit : Voilà. End of story


Added AxiTrader UK. Not sure that I miss any more “big name” brokers located in the EU. Tell me, if it crosses your mind

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I dont see Pepperstone UK…

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Gotcha. Pepperstone Limited added

Unfortunately, to achieve this, which I kind of have at heart to include, a macro-enabled spreadsheet is required. So, I’m a bit miffed.

I’ll check if the code is recognized with other free office suites. Otherwise, last resort, one can still purchase a lifetime licence of MS Office 365 for cheap. Here, the Personal edition (complete set) for 39.99 € is the best I know cause this store offers an eternal guarantee of “validity or replacement”.
Regarding macro danger, a knowledgeable volunteer could approve that the document is unharmful beforehand …or you could use a sandbox software like Sandboxie or ReHips, which execute programs in perfectly isolated environements from the rest of your OS

Sheet improvements :

  • added Darwinex education webpage opening at launch
  • support planned until end of 2022
  • ability to visually isolate the broker of your choice, to stand out from the rest
  • little aesthetic refinements
    mid march edit :
  • added broker AMP Global
  • changed formulas & formatting to accomodate new broker additions more easily
  • comments auto-resize macro

Planned :

  • easy retrieval of information through a “guided walk”, step by step directions will occur to prevent any (most) mistake

It is going to an auction sale soon
Please make a bid :joy: j/k…

End of march update

A black sheep newcomer is taking the 1st spot. Low client base allowing this funky number ?!
FxPro has blocked online backups (backward effect).
Oanda has changed where the number is displayed to an unknown place that I’ll find out tonight when the support reopens.
Median of the % winners = 23% …

Not sharing the file now as planned cause I haven’t totally figured out the macro compatibility with other free softwares. Also, the shop (PSNGames) where I used to purchase cheap Office licences for acquaintances has closed its doors after many years of loyal services. So no more a recommendation

[details=Summary]Improvement : documentation as comments


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I am not surprised about the quite good numbers for LMAX and Interactive brokers, both are more or less aiming for more professional traders, which will do a little better :wink:

The Numbers for Darwinex are ok, but think about … how many want to “try their luck” because of theDarwinIA and so on. I guess depending on how many new customers started trading, the number of winners can drop significant. But neither a good or bad value can tell the full story of whats going on.

Much more intresting would be lifetime performance (instead of fixed horizon lenght)- but most likely this % is even worse :wink: or/and percentages for different customer groups, depeding on their time already trading with the broker. (e.g <6month,>2 years, rest).

Just for the record, “professional traders” are not included in those figures, they include only “retail traders”.

I hope this proves helpful!


well, i was not reffering to the official term “professional trader” more about things like high minimum deposit, my bad that this expression now is used in a weird way to define who are “professionals”

but anyway… good to know


I think a rolling time window is actually pretty good. If you take lifetime performance you will have a couple of other issues like survivorship bias.


In the previous image, I removed the mention ZuluTrade because the association with AAAFx was wrong, not representative of the separate broker part (ZT offers plenty of brokers to choose from when providing signals)
I corrected the number for IB that I missed out to update
Oanda now publishes the data on an isolated PDF file, very hard to get


Completed, in order to achieve optimal productivity in a timely manner (data collection + online archiving, all sequenced “on track” w/auto mouse cursor placement & hidding/unhidding the backbone columns). I hide its access from the public but it’s within :wink:

About the compatibility issues with other non MS software, I explored different ideas but my imagination hit a wall. What I retain will be dull by constraint

It seems Darwinex percentage has improved and it’s now at 71%

The progression so far: 69%->73%->77%->71%

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It is because 2019Q1 has been much better than 2018Q4 .


Probably is just an stochastic indicator, the main measure should be “how much do traders lose”, and this value has decreased a lot since ESMA regulation.

No big leverage, no big losses, more time to learn.


The ranking is shaking this month :slight_smile: Our beloved stable climbed some spots, awarded as the “best progession” !

File should be released soon (final touches)

Edit : PRT didn’t update with IG’s data. Scratching what is displayed, sorry for them


@EvidenceAlpha eToro is 34% now, not 24. ActiveTrades is 26%.

I think many updated on May 1st, not April 30.

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