CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Increase in % of losing clients

Mid year standing. Place your bet on the rabbits or the turtles :wink:


The percentage has decreased to 66%.


Indeed, on the podium ! Entertaining “action” month, the numbers shook. Lots of brokers increased their share of winners, but some managed to conquer more than others, from a steady progression :wink: Congrats for the ascension Darwinex… Beautiful horizon from the top of the mountain : “the coast is clear”

By only maintaining around that spot zone, the top of the pyramid could be next. :stuck_out_tongue: So close already, it feels as if.


Many updates between yesterday and today, thanks for the previous advice about delaying the collection 1 day. Although the date titles show the end of the months (it’ll stay this way), I now pay attention to retrieve the data the day just after, to seal the outcome.

Note : IB is now secured against webpage backup snapshot, like AAAFx, FxPro & Markets are.


Target 40% winners! :muscle:


To celebrate (from this second, Darwinex won a 6 months kindness treatment from its rank at the BrokerIA competition :wink: )

With some delay, because I was pondering on a convenient and not costly way to protect my spreadsheets, not worth it for this one.!45IUUYBa!E9Oio5p4z79wszgqpkBb2w

You should be able to open it macro free with any open-source Excel clone (LibreOffice, FreeOffice, Mac versions, etc) but without the formatting, so it will be really ugly, also not guaranteeing all formulas are gonna be translated properly (leaving some errors in that case)

Otherwise, Office 365/2019/2016 can be bought for a bargain price at eBay. Gotten from there, your licence may remain valid trouble-free or vanish at some time. That’s okay, if you need to buy more to pursue, you shouldn’t have to break appart your Darwinex account to cover such expense.

If you have Excel and macros enabled which I recommend (nothing toxic in there, anyone could screen the file), you’ll notice that many webpages auto-launch at the sheet’s closure.
All of them are affiliation free (all the many Darwinex ones notably), except the Sierra Chart one (if you care, there’s no money involved, at best I get the software for free which in my subscription case is capped at 23 € / month). I absolutely do not have the mind of a salesman and hate thinking about anything commercial. I ruled that 1) this would be poor practice, even communicated. Wink @SECURIX 2) that the various regulation hazards remain volatile concerning broker promotion 3) Darwinex purposidly targets golden boys rather than the mass crowd for invitation (the marketing link is destroyed / recycled every 1 registration ala James Bond), which is a stance I comprehend

You’re free to share this file amongst acquaintances. I wanted to help “promote” Darwinex as a gesture back (I haven’t been always easy to deal with). I hesitated between only including the Darwinex main frontpage or none at all (since Darwinex is already color-highlighted by default under Excel). I willingly ended with many Dwx sub-pages that make sense (not exhaustive - suggest), to check if anyone gets irritated lol I’m open to feedback in that sense, which I’ll consider accordingly.

I may share more valuable trading sheets of my own in the futur.

The monthly update takes me 15minutes in-between trades, I’ll continue. If I ever die in a car accident (har har), type the letter x in the blank row above the current month, you’ll see what bomb action (DIY helper) it pulls. :wink:

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I have dressed up an arbitrary all-time synthetical stat. Over 8 months, the 10 top spots were notably held by AMP (recent, MT5, no MT4), InteractiveBrokers (own + misc platforms, no MetaTrader except by API), LMAX (MT4 not the default account type of the many other platforms, no MT5), Saxo (no MetaTrader), eToro (no MetaTrader), CityIndex & Gain (web platform, NinjaTrader, MT4)
Even poorly ranked, there are a handful of brokers putting upfront an own default account w/ proprietary platform (ProRealTime, WHS, Dukascopy, Oanda, IG, FXCM & more)

Aside, I crossed a stat from IG, stating they had roughly 5% of accounts qualified as “pro”, for what it’s worth. Not sure if this is on par elsewhere

If there are good traders not relying on MetaTader, why stick to MetaTrader track record imports ? Will Darwinex open up in this area ? Cause it feels like potentially missing out on talent migration

For what it’s worth, enhanced the sheet with an ‘unofficial stats’ tab, that doesn’t pretend to be an accurate representation of the reality (due to pitfalls, some of which are explained as notes + the fact the measures weren’t started since the very beginning of the enforcement). It still draws a broader estimation picture while adding some fun.

A few % difference doesn’t indicate much at all. If we forecast the numbers into the future, Darwinex could climb to the 5th place.

However, we clearly see there’s a more serious gap between the top and bottom brokers, which is also confirmed by the extreme reported results, with differences between 1.5x / 2x.
There seems a form of consistency where the success spans itself, that’ll need to be confirmed.


Man, i love the work you are putting in.

Thanks for sharing!!


Changes (or lack of) not worth mentioning this month.!45IUUYBa!E9Oio5p4z79wszgqpkBb2w

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'66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. ’

I saw this notice when I access the darwinex.
It means that only 34% trader earn the money in darwinex .
I already saw the post of the trader who lost in this community.
There are a lot of fancy strategies in darwinex.
But 66% account lose money.

I wonder this is because of the investment habits of private traders. (buy high, sell low).
or are there other reasons I don’t know(divergence? fees, etc)?

Please advise for beginners.
How can I join 34% trader?

I suggest you to read this topic.
Customers lose money because trading is difficult.

Hi there @ukebida

Although trading can be a profession with an enormous reward, it is very difficult to get there.
In fact, these enormous rewards or the “get rich quick schemes” are just the things that attracts most people into the trading profession. Only to be deceived by there thoughts and ultimately lose it all.

How can you join the profitable traders you ask ?
I can only answer that with this.

Learn, learn and learn some more.
After that you must apply all that you learn.
To know and not to do, is not to know.

Are you interested or are you committed ?
If you are interested you’ll do what is convenient.
If you are committed you’ll do anything it takes.
Needless to say which one will take you there.

Wish you the best of luck.
Kind regards,

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accurate i would say.


It seems that @EvidenceAlpha is not very active lately .

Percentage of losers has dropped to 64%.
eToro is at 75% .

Is it possible to manipulate those numbers?

I don’t think you’re going to here him again.
And he has taken away his twin brother @securix too. LOL

They could lie but they would be fined by ESMA .
Numbers are quite bad so they are true, not something to be proud for brokers.

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…, and they Show always only the past, not the current situation.

Can you define present? :smiley:
It is calculated on last 1y , 1 year is a significant timeframe.
Today no losers it is sunday…:joy:

I thought there is a monthly update for the ESMA report. Do the brokers really have to report for every business day?

It’s also past, they can only report when the day is over. :wink: