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Interview with bocoja (DARWIN $ULI)

Absolutely correct

For the fun, here we refined a 2 stance definition : a dictatorship means “shut the f*** up”, while democracy translates into “speak endlessly, I have no interest in what you’re saying”

… send our interlude to trash after read :wink:

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I really don’t understand the fuzz about this Darwin.
Yes, he is a founder of Darwinex but, apparently, he is a trader also.
In fact, if you read the interview he started out as a trader on the age of 18.

If ULI is using his own money, and not corporate funds, I see no reason why Javier shouldn’t be allowed to create a own Darwin. Trading is a zero-sum game and all traders are subject to the same rules.

I wish Javier the best of luck in his trading :+1:


In red : what noobs look at.
In green : what experienced look at.

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Do you know how many investors were there before he got the DarwinIA allocation?

The allocation was even higher some time ago.
Investors were 7-10 in January at the time of the interview.
The herd of cows does not care about interviews, it is some kind of illitteracy, they understand only return and drawdown.

I also believe Darwinex should give us an official clarification about it.

He can trade, of course…but creating a darwin to compete against the clients? I don´t see this is normal. And even less if Darwinex don´t offer an official explanation about it.

And yet Darwinex just added an extra 20 winning positions this month to Darwinia. So now it is 80 winners. Less Javier, if he wins, that leaves 19 more than last month.

It is a competition based on skill. As long as Darwinex employees compete on the same terms as non-Darwinex employees and everyone has equal access to those terms I do not see an issue.

If there was a magic code where if you put a trade through at 3.32pm on 3 consecutive days in AUDNZD and that triggered a boost in your Darwinex score and Javier knew about then yes, he has an unfair advantage. Otherwise, no, he is just competing against us as a customer.

Travis can use the Uber platform to earn rides and Jeff can sell on Amazon. If I were Javier, I would have no moral concerns competing. It’s a fair playing field.


If I was a broker at Wall Street, could I buy stocks for my self?

Yes, you could, but not on the Wall Street market. And you have to do a lot of paperwork for each trade to prove that you didn’t use insider knowledge.

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You always completely miss the point here, the point is providing good traders to inverstors, this i is not a kind of game or sport.
Founders or employees are good traders! WELCOME TO THEM ! :smiley:

I thought that stupid discussion of ULI being unfair was closed but it is like speaking to walls…
The NEW point was investors being fooled by manipulators while they have the possibility to invest a real trader.
The competitive advantage is for investors like those 29 the know that Javier Colon is a trader, without the need of 5 years of trackrecord or 1000% rerturn or 80 Dscore…

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Exactly! That´s my point…

Wrong again, when you can´t convince with your reasons, your strategy is always distract the conversation forward what you want to talk about.
This is a free forum, and the point of this is ULI, it is not whatever Mr. Cavaliere wants…so the founder has priveledge information and should compete against his clients, period.

Right it is not MR Cavaliere, it is 17 vs 3 that voted the survey above, so that point is closed. :slight_smile:

18 % performance in 3 years and rank 71 or 73 (ULI) in the hall of fame don’t look like using insider knowledge.

The really interesting detail is not mentioned in this discussion: for his trading he looks at the 1 week candle. I don’t know anybody else really regarding this timeframe.

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Exact, insider knowledge of what?
He trades forex like the others, he is not trading Darwinex stocks, ther are no Darwinex stocks… :smiley:
Insider knowledge of DScore? it does not seem so…
Clearly every skilled trader is “unfair” for the unskilled… :wink:

So? I still have an opinion, and in these kind of markets the regulations are strong regardless forum´s democracy.

And the point will be closed just when nobody want to comment, not when Mr. Cavaliere wants…kings times are over. This is democracy ( I read you are not so much democratic, and on that you are right).

This is business not democracy.
If you prefer you can invest SCS that has 300 believiers instead than ULI with 30… that is democracy… :smiley:

Correct…sorry about your three darwins performance last month KVL, CVL, LSC, minus -57% performance should be terrible for you. I understand what you you mean about unskilled…:smirk: