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Interview with bocoja (DARWIN $ULI)

Always better than BIL
BTW ULI is meore investable than LSC and CVL :+1:

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The difference is that BIL is not always showing off…I hoped last month made you more quiet and humble, but it looks like you don´t have that quality. By the way, I don´t trade to survice like you (I don´t think you really make it anyway).
Fortunatelly for me I am writting right now from the swimming pool of my house…
And yes, there are hundreds of darwins better than yours. I agree.

I prefer to avoid personal attacks and to mention my darwins.
We should be here to discuss about investability for the benefit of investors.


If the discussion about ULI is over, do we then have to start to discuss PLO, ULJ and GLE? :partying_face:

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Yes I dont’t desappear during bad times I have this quality.
Many just speak when they make new highs… I call it consistency…

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You started, being sarcastic is the same, at least I am not hipocrital.

Also, you have been mocking and insulting most of investors every single day, also you mention any darwin when you want like SCS…but nobody can touch yours? Your dictatorship doesn´t work with me. It is punch to punch. If you bleed, you stop what you started.

Hahaha…that is a good one…it looks like some trader is farming here?..What strange, I don´t hear anything about it…4 darwins and running…but the boss here haven´t mention it…just curious how fast you catch people.

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That was a great interview. Thanks for sharing.
It highlights for me the difference between traders and their approach to trading. My style is much in line with ULI, whereas my son prefers the mechanical one position at a time approach.

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@Forexintradiadarwin @CavaliereVerde

Guys, come on.
Lets keep the discussion constructive from now on.

I do wish you both the best


I’m sure the CEO of WallStreet/Deutsche Börse/FTSE trades stocks. The difference is they can have insider information so they must comply with strict rules providing information on their trading activities.

Also, the CEO of Darwinex has said many times that he and many Darwinex employees invest in Darwins. If they have created a product they cannot influence for the own benefit, then why not investing or trading like any other.


Because they are not like any other. They have tons of inside information that we do not have. Brokers of Wall Street can not trade for themselves, because they have priviledge information and also because they trade for their clients.

In other hand, everybody know some market maker brokers influence on the SL and TP against their clients, right? There are a lot of manipulation in this world, as clean you can show your hands your credibility will be better, otherwise the shadow will be over you.

I see it that way and it is nothing that can make me change my opinion. There have been to many corrupted brokers, politicians, financial advisors, etc…So, the red lines are clear for me.

That’s true. Thankfully Darwinex has behaved trustworthily to date. There are many eyes watching, not only the FCA UK.

It takes many years to build a good reputation, and takes minutes to trash it. We all know this is the main driver of this business.


Yes, that´s my whole point. I can´t understand why a broker like Darwinex which is doing the things differently than others can put their reputation at stake with something that shouldn´t be significant for them…it is a question mark I can not decipher.

Maybe I am too strict, or maybe my standards are higher than most of people, I don´t know. Some years ago I ran a clothing factory and our clients used to give me samples for free, but I usually refuse to take them, except when it was to exhibit them in the samples room. When the clients asked me why I didn´t accept them, I explained that I was very strict with all employees regarding how important was being honest. It was a big temptation for them to take pieces to their houses, but they knew if anyone did it, they could lose their job. So, I was the general manager, and I wasn´t stealing anything, just the clients wanted to give me those pieces like a gift. But if I had take them what would be the image I was projecting? What the employees would think about it? The manager can steal but we can not? Should I explain to everybody that those were gifts from our cliets to me, so I am honest just because I say it? Wouldn´t I look like I was taking advantage of my position? How could I enforce the rules if my acts were so confused? So, eventhough I knew I was honest, taking those cloths would put at stake my reputation, my honesty and my integrity. Was it really worthed the risk? No, of course it wasn´t…That´s why I don´t understand why Darwinex risks their reputation with something like that.

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You provide no evidence that Darwinex manipulates SL/TP. I have never experienced this, and neither has anybody else on this forum thus far.

Assuming they DO change SL/TP, why would it matter if he creates Darwin, you think they will suddenly stop?

Assuming, all other brokers do this also, why even signup here?

With posts like yours, I honestly think some people don´t really know the world we are living at. No more comments.

I agree with Forexintradiadarwin that we all can have our opinion and present it and CavaliereVerde took it a bit furher in “attacking” Forexintradiadarwin what I am not used to see it. But there is a bit difference between expresing my own opinion and throwing “hundreads” od comments about the same thing (what doesnt negatively influence me) because I dont like it.
I agree with most of the people here and I am happy that ULI trades. What builds better trust than successfully using your own product?
P.S. I really like this forum because its different from others and most of the time people dont behave here like arguing kids comparing themself who has bigger balls, so lets keep it that way pleeease.

Thank you all.


I don’t think Darwinex is risking its reputation by allowing its employees to trade or invest as long as they trade/invest like any other customer. Perhaps we could ask for a full disclosure of what employees are actively trading/investing or confirm they have a fair and audited standard operational procedures limiting these activities

Regardless the employees, we are talking about the founder too.

They cannot, it’s an ECN broker. Not a market maker, all client orders are only filled by the liquidity providers. There are no market maker brokers on Forex besides LMAX or Saxobank here, never Darwinex or another ECN, if you wnat to give them theses names.
That would be a big difference if it would be an DD broker, who also trades against his clients. Then I would understand the doubts.

I think they have more to do to get good fills for the orders raised by THA or ERQ or other Darwins with a high investor volume, the estimated volume increases the typical volume offered at LMAX on the best price during the high liquidity business hours.